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“… love myself mind, body and spirit.” “Hi, I am Melissa I started my journey with my health coach Anna in the Marc’s check out counter. I noticed that someone was buying lots of veggies as I was. That struck up a very happy, quick talk consisting of business card exchanges. I decided that I needed a person to guide me through this good mess of a change with my body. Notice I said, “good mess”. Anna helped me realize one thing…..( many in fact) I deserve to love myself no matter what. I had started my weight loss journey in 2005. I was at my worst weight with many health issues….high BP, skin issues, depression, anxiety, hormonal issues etc…the list was endless. I had changed my ways of eating losing weight 80lbs at that time. I did a very big lifestyle change with food and exercise. But something still seemed missing….I had committed to health, but my “whole” self was not committed. I have kept the weight of all but like 15lbs…..But where Anna came in to save me from the destruction of my inner “whole” self. She helped me learn what triggers my eating habits, my depressive thoughts, hormonal changes, my thinking of myself (good or bad), and how to fix it and not torture myself anymore with how these things effect me but love myself mind, body, and spirit. Thank you, Anna, for going through my journey with me.”

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