“I Quit My Job…Yikes!” What 1 Hour of Yoga Taught Me.

Hey there! Thank you again for being a part of a tribe that wants to live a passionate and long life. You want to read to the very end because you will be given an opportunity to start having the life you know you deserve!


As many of you know I have embarked in a huge transition in my life. I have made the decision to go full force ahead in inspiring women (and men) to and through their health journey. A journey that we will all be on for the whole length of our lives and me, as a health coach want to make that journey has fluid as possible.


These four decisions were not easy to make. The uncertainty would make most people freeze, not face the fear of uncertainty, and embrace the path to wherever it may lead.  And for those who follow me a lot know I love and practice Tony Robbins’s passion. In this video, he talks about the 6 human needs and identifying which needs to motivate us daily.

To be honest I have listened to this video about ten times and have identified what my motivating needs are and what my family members’ needs are. However, then I did not have compassion for those who are motivated by certainty. In my mind, I wronged them for being afraid of uncertainty….until now.


If you don’t know what the four decisions I have made recently. Please, read “annahilty.com/excitingnews” to be in the know. As a heads up, in that post I didn’t mention the very first decision. The decision to quit my “bread & butter” job. And to be honest, it was a good job. Monday through Friday, 4-6 hour shifts, very easy (so easy that I was bored a lot), and my coworkers were fun. To many of you, you’re probably thinking… “You crazy for quitting! Why did you?” I wasn’t being challenged, I wasn’t growing, and my human needs were not being fulfilled. I didn’t know what I was going to do but that was my decision now.


Within one month I quit my job and had to make decisions that impacted my finances tremulously. And coming to a childhood rooted mindset of a scarcity of money, they all caused me a lot of anxiety and worry. Even today, I have a hard time breathing because of the financial anxiety.

So how did yoga help me make my decisions? Well, the first decision I committed to was to say yes to the next 6 months of Power Yoga instructor training. This one was the 2nd easiest of the four because I had been practicing yoga at the same studio & I really felt connected and accepted by the members and the other instructors there. Plus, I know yoga engages our body by physical movement and also our mind by practicing self-awareness, stillness, and etc.

The next decision was to become a wellness advocate for essential oils. Well, I’ve been extremely interested in the benefits and different aspects of essential oils for about two years. But always used finances (are you seeing a pattern?)  and lack of knowledge as an excuse not to invest my time and money into an “essential” part of my health and client’s health. Now that I have access to high-quality oils and amazingly supportive mentors/coaches (That’s right even health coaches need a coach) I feel confident enough knowing I, 1st made the correct decision and 2nd that these oils/products are such high quality that I am proud to say they are amazing addition to everyone’s health journey!

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And last but not least, the hardest decision of them all! Committing the next nine months to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating program. Uncertainty was screaming at me about this program. “That’s a lot of money! Are you sure it’s a tax right off? What if it isn’t, what will you do then? Great, you received a scholarship, but how will you pay for the rest? What if you don’t learn anything from the program?” The list goes one. Then on the very last day of the enrollment deadline, I drove to yoga class. Thinking about the uncertainty and not able to “catch my breath” because my lungs were so full of anxiety.


As I started the yoga class, I had no expectation of my yoga that day. My intention was, “Do the best you can do today. You made it to the mat.” I flowed, I downward dogged, and finally I Shavasana (corpse pose). I laid there with my arms and feet softly on my sides, palms up, and I continued to say to myself, “I surrender. Tell me what to do. I surrender. Show me a sign.” And as I said there completely relaxed, I was allowing the support I needed. While driving home from yoga class (not even 10 mins after), in my email inbox was the sign/support I asked for. An email that allowed me to put to rest a lot of the uncertainty questions. 

“One’s action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not to be a mere rushing on.” ― D.H. Lawrence


Crazy enough, within the very first video required in the IPE program was the founder Marc David talking about uncertainty. That is when I knew I had made all the right decisions. In no means am I saying it’s going to be or is easy…its not! But the faith I have in myself has to scream louder than the fears.


What are your motivating human needs? Leave a comment below. I’ll respond to my top 3. You can also tell me through…. 

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