Tis The Season….

Tis The Season For…..

What would you say this season is for? Receiving? Giving? Family get-togethers? Stress? Crowded retail stores? The celebration of Religious beliefs? How about a little of all of the above.

DISCLAIMER: Today’s post is NOT about a certain religion nor to downgrade any religion. The examples included are personal beliefs and do not reflect the beliefs taught by any religion.

To fully understand my perspective on religion and have compassion for my current beliefs; I’d like to share with you, my religious background. Through this act of being transparent, I hope you can resonate with my story and aids you embrace beliefs that positively serve you.

I was fortunate to have a Catholic influence in my life starting at a very young age. Having relatives being the first couple married at the same church my parents married, and where I received everySacraments , and  attending the connected catholic school      k-8th grade. It would safe to say those beliefs were deeply branded into my subconscious mind.

As neuroscientists have probed the human brain, they have cataloged a collection of many parallel modules, with complex interactions, most of which operate outside consciousness.” – Leonard MlodinowPhysicist and author

These unconscious beliefs formed by religion that we can hold very dear are extremely power and if unexamined can actually be considered “Toxic Religion”. Examples of toxic beliefs are..

  • “If I don’t go to mass every Sunday; I won’t be loved.”
  • “Eve was a woman and ate the apple from the devil and therefore women should feel guilty/shame.”
  • “Mary Magdalene having the sinful reputation for being a prostitute and that women who find pleasure from sex are sinning.”

(I am NOT saying these examples are true for every or any religion) With these belief examples and other toxic beliefs in our subconscious, it can and often does lead to self-abuse, negative habits, dis-ease, and negative relationship with food & our body.

To change any belief that is not serving you, you first must question it.

Take a moment now to ask yourself these following questions…..

Is my religion/non-religion well-examined?

Is my religious beliefs positive & life affirming?

When did these beliefs start?

Who & what does my current religion exclude or judge?

What are MY “10 Commandments” that I feel driven to live by?


I first started to question my religious beliefs when my parents got divorced, again when I got to know my atheist stepfather more, and again when my oldest sister was having a hard time getting married through the church. At these moments, I associated pain with religion but my natural subconscious had other strong beliefs.

That is when I ventured into spirituality. My spirituality may look and feel different than others’ but that is what makes it unique and uncommon. (Statistic ratio of you being alive is 1:4 Trillion. You are uniquely beautiful!) Examples of beliefs I now have through my spirituality are…

  • “I believe I am being guided by a higher & more powerful being.”
  • “Awareness is the first step to transformation.”
  • “I am enough as I am right now.”

These examples and others encourage compassion, trust/faith, love, and etc. Involving personally and spiritually leads to evolving health and inspires healing.

So, during this crazy, stressful holiday season, all I ask as a gift from you is to stop and question your current beliefs. Are they serving you towards something positive or guiding you to becoming the best version of yourself? Please reference back to the quote above for on-going support through the rough experiences we all face.

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