BOO! I scared you.


What did you do or plan on doing to celebrate Halloween? What was your costume? I love hearing & seeing unique costumes. Growing up in my family, Halloween was always embraced by homemade costumes by my mother; Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood, and of course Little Mermaid (obviously my favorite!) But the true essence of Halloween is being scared out of your mind by the unthinkable…. Zombies with chainsaws, scary clowns, and spirits that haunt us.

Today’s post isn’t about any of those scary things but what happens to our body when we get scared/stress and what we can do to recover quicker from those & any experience. But by using a Halloween example. 😉


Your standing in single file line to enter “The Factory of Terror” that you and your friends agreed to go just couple hours earlier while at dinner. Every nerve in your body is tense, your shoulders start shifting up closer to your ears the faster the line moves you closer to the entrance. In the distance, you hear the blood curdling screams from inside the “factory”, the noise of chainsaws roaring in the blackness that you are about to enter.


Finally, it is you and friends turn to enter into the scary unknown. And if your friends are anything like mine; they volunteer you to be the leader. It is so dark you start to doubt whether you moved more than a couple feet. BAM! A zombie with half a fleshy face, raggy clothes, and primal human flesh hunger in her eyes; jumps out at you! Your entire body tenses up, arms cover your face, and you find yourself in an internal battle of how to react. “I am being attacked, my life is threatened! Do I fight back, flee quickly away from this threat, or freeze my body & act dead.”

Whether or not you are aware, this is exactly the dialogue your body is saying to you in an actual life-threatening experiences (such as this example). These include traumatic experiences (assault; physical or psychological; recent and/or PAST), or day-to-day stresses. At those moments….


Adrenal glands! These two tiny glands that are placed on top of kidneys are extremely important and so underrated. These suckers’ main responsibility is to release cortisol (stress hormone). They then communicate with the rest of our body; “Thyroid, produce more hormone.” “Hypothalamus(in the brain), fight,flight, or flee?”, “Gut, hold onto fat because “we” (the body) do not know if we will survive, let alone if we will have the next meal.”, and “Digestion, your legs & arms need the blood to flee so you will extremely slow down/not metabolize.” It all starts with the Adrenal glands. This is actually what is going on in your body and every human body in those experiences listed.


The day-to-day stresses we have due to careers, family demands, and scarcity/panic mindset is the most common in our culture now. Our ancestors we actually being chased by Saber-tooth cats but their bodies were experiencing the same exact response as we do now. The only difference is we have no “off” switch to turn off cortisol. Which is telling our body to hold on to our unwanted belly, love handles, or back fat.



Since it is Halloween, which means Thanksgiving and the Holiday season is quickly approaching we are about to enter into the “haunted house” of stress. So what can we do to help our bodies and our sanity during any stressful event?

I’m glad you ask! I have a technique and “potion” that together will definitely help you NOT become stressless (because there is no such thing) but help you adapt & recover quicker.

The first, most important, and the easiest way to help your body through stressful moments is EFT/tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is the physical tapping with your right hand to certain meridian points throughout our body. In the diagram below shows you where those points are located.


By tapping while in a high stressful moment it sends a signal to the hypothalamus to calm down. (“There is no real threat. No need to fight, flight, or freeze.”) EFT has become very popular for those who have actual chronic physical pain, emotional/physical trauma, and reverse negative mindset to manifesting the life people want.

TIP from ANNA: SAY CONSISTENT with tapping. The more consistent you are the more results you will receive. If want more information about EFT tapping here is a video that will support you.

For those who follow my Facebook page FACEBOOK, you have noticed my recent partnership with a brand called Organifi. I choose this brand & their products for several reasons; 1) they are obviously organic, 2) they strongly support & stand by the benefits of their products, and 3) the green juice mix is made up of 11 SUPERFOODS (and I love superfoods).

So what does this have to do with helping our stress level? Well, 1 of the 11 superfoods is ASHWAGANDHA. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen which is made of a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs, which adjusts your response to stress or a changing environment. 


Adaptogens help the body cope with external stresses such as toxins in the environment and internal stresses. I personally have been using Orgnaifi for about a month now and because of my level of the embodiment; I am aware of the subtle effects it has had on my body & stress level. It’s not like caffeine which gives you the spike of energy and then drops it further down than before & makes those Adrenal glands work harder. Ashwagandha gives you a subtle left and maintains its self throughout the day. Why would want to be a caffeine addict when there is a better alternative? Along with Ashwagandha; Organifi’s green juice mix has 10 other powerful/SUPER foods included that just in themselves have amazing benefits.


Let’s start taking back of our lives and not let the stress overtake our bodies, mind, and overall lives!

For more support about EFT tapping; please leave a comment below or contact me….


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As always, I am so grateful for all of you! My true hope is that is post and/or the others help you created the lives you truly deserve!


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