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The Dynamic Resources Needed to Help You Lose Weight

Hey there lovely,

Having long-term successful weight loss is all about knowledge, decisions AND actions.

And I advocate doing all three, i.e. “knowledge isn’t power unless that knowledge is implied.”

We’re so lucky to live in the internet age, with so many awesome information, tools, and experts available. It means we can reach our weight loss goals like never before, and actually enjoy the process/journey. (Thanks for that, Universe!)

You might be curious about the resources (experts to follow, books to read, videos, etc) I use to refer to my clients and for myself. You might also be surprised that the simplest are also the most transformational.

Unfortunately, the massive flu and cold season has gotten the better of me. A very humbling experience when I get sick because I am not Wonder Women.  With that said, I still wanted to provide you amazing information so you can take inspired action to your weight loss goals.

Let’s break it down into 3 categories and 1 resource per category.

Okay… are you ready to learn and take some action today?!!?!


Category: MIND – mindset, self-development, subconscious


Yep, no doubts about my top resources whatsoever:  Marc David (the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating) is an amazing expert to follow, hands down.

In fact, if I were stranded on a desert island with only ONE possession to keep my mind sharp, I’d choose Marc’s books. (Okay, okay, so the island would have to magically have all my luggage and the books I packed. Yeah, not the best metaphor, could we just ignore that??? haha ;-))

Marc’s 1994 book NOURISHING WISDOM is definitely a highly recommended resource!


“Nourishing Wisdom revolutionizes the way we think about diets and nutrition. This book will change your attitude towards your body, and provide a foundation for developing a healthful relationship with food. Combining the principles of nutritional awareness, personal growth, and body psychology, Nourishing Wisdom provides practical methods for redefining the role food plays in our lives.” – Amazon description

So I strongly recommend getting this knowledgeable and inspirational book. Then, once you have it, reread it. You are totally worth it.


Category: BODY – movement, body image, weight, body ailments/diseases

Resource #2: FOOD PSYCH PODCAST by Christy Harrison

“Each episode, I talk with inspiring guests—including leaders in the body-positive and Health at Every Size movements—about intuitive eating, body image, eating disorder recovery, weight stigma, fat acceptance, nutrition, and more. This podcast calls out diet culture for the life thief that it is, and challenges it in all its sneaky forms—including the restrictive behaviors that often masquerade as wellness and fitness.” – 

I’ve listened to a few different podcasts, but the truth is that I go through highs and lows of interests in podcasts. But this podcast can connect to every listener and their challenge in an intimate way.


Category: NUTRITION – Food, conflicting nutritional theories, food facts and myths

Resource #3: FITLIFE.TV – Drew Canole

If you want a genuine and true resource… and don’t feel pressured or feared to change a lifestyle. Remember: there are so many different opinions about nutrition. It is one of the most debated topics.  WHO and WHAT information connects with you…a.k.a. open your mind?

“Our mission is to create a movement positively impacting communities around the world through education, inspiration, and empowerment. We are committed to transforming over a billion lives…and we won’t stop there!” – FitLife.TV Mission Statement

In short: FitLife.TV is a great go to resource for the MIND, BODY, & NUTRITION. Drew Canole makes a transformation to a healthy lifestyle, FUN!

So, those are the three resources that I use the most in my weight loss journey and also for my clients’.

Of course, I have other resources, for example, The Joy Junkie Show, Linda Beacon, etc. However, you can find weight loss success using lots of other very simple, low-cost resources to support you.

So, stop procrastinating on trying to find THE ONE TOOL that will make you instantly lose weight, and just get on with the thing you do best – focus on your journey!

So – I want to give you my personal nutrition product recommendation.

Being a loyal reader, I want to offer you 15% OFF  all ORGANIFI products.

*There is a reason why they were voted the #1 best tasting. It tastes great and…mixes really well!


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

With Gratitude,


How Eating Psychology Approach Has Changed My Relationship With Food & Myself

Hey there beautiful,

We’ve all had it happen: you’re in full gear towards your accomplishing your New Years resolution, decluttering your life, making upgrades and manifesting like a pro when suddenly something that brings you crashing down.

It can be just a simple thing like a piece of candy, but the effect is HUGE.

So, what can you do when it happens to you?

Below are two videos about the HUGE impact that Eating Psychology approach to weight loss has changed my relationship to food & my body. It has also helped me be dedicated to my health NO MATTER what daily challenges I face.

How Eating Psychology Has Changed My Relationship with Food and with My Body

Before you do another diet or cleanse, you need to lay the inner groundwork.

Why? Because if you try to do another external strategy while your subconscious insists that it has to be hard, you’ll sabotage yourself.

Eating psychology has changed my internal world, allowed me to see the world with fresh & positive eyes towards my weight. Today, these are 3 strategies & concepts that has changed my relationship with food and my body.


-Perfectionism is the root of this mindset challenge and the beginning of this vicious psychology cycle

– Letting go of the guilt. Stopping the guilt stops the cycle to continue. (For more info, watch/listen above)


-Take 5-10 deep and slow breaths before and after you eat.

– By eating slowly allows the body to be in Parasympathetic nervous system (state of healing, high functional digestion, and losing weight)


– The first stage of digestion and the first step to find pleasure the cephalic phase response –gastric secretion occurs even before food enters stomach, especially while it is being eaten. It results from the sight, smell, thought, or taste of food, and the greater the appetite, the more intense is the stimulation Taking time to eat is the first opportunity we have to open up the door to pleasure.



Interviewed by Marc David; founder & CEO of Institute for the Psychology of Eating. 

Let Me Ask You A Question…

Once you start eating; Is it hard for you to stop?

Do you kinda numb out when you eat? When you finally get the chance to eat, you try to find anything that will satisfy that hunger? Or, do you instantly feel the sense of guilt, shame, and/or self-loathing after you eat?

Well, there is a SOLUTION to those questions.

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, January 23. 2017 @ 3pm

LINK to Register:

Thank you for being apart of this growing community. And I hope these topics bring you value in more ways than one. Please, if you found this inspiring and/or useful please leave a comment below. Again, thank you and I will see in next week’s video >>


With Gratitude,


Tis The Season….

Tis The Season For…..

What would you say this season is for? Receiving? Giving? Family get-togethers? Stress? Crowded retail stores? The celebration of Religious beliefs? How about a little of all of the above.

DISCLAIMER: Today’s post is NOT about a certain religion nor to downgrade any religion. The examples included are personal beliefs and do not reflect the beliefs taught by any religion.

To fully understand my perspective on religion and have compassion for my current beliefs; I’d like to share with you, my religious background. Through this act of being transparent, I hope you can resonate with my story and aids you embrace beliefs that positively serve you.

I was fortunate to have a Catholic influence in my life starting at a very young age. Having relatives being the first couple married at the same church my parents married, and where I received everySacraments , and  attending the connected catholic school      k-8th grade. It would safe to say those beliefs were deeply branded into my subconscious mind.

As neuroscientists have probed the human brain, they have cataloged a collection of many parallel modules, with complex interactions, most of which operate outside consciousness.” – Leonard MlodinowPhysicist and author

These unconscious beliefs formed by religion that we can hold very dear are extremely power and if unexamined can actually be considered “Toxic Religion”. Examples of toxic beliefs are..

  • “If I don’t go to mass every Sunday; I won’t be loved.”
  • “Eve was a woman and ate the apple from the devil and therefore women should feel guilty/shame.”
  • “Mary Magdalene having the sinful reputation for being a prostitute and that women who find pleasure from sex are sinning.”

(I am NOT saying these examples are true for every or any religion) With these belief examples and other toxic beliefs in our subconscious, it can and often does lead to self-abuse, negative habits, dis-ease, and negative relationship with food & our body.

To change any belief that is not serving you, you first must question it.

Take a moment now to ask yourself these following questions…..

Is my religion/non-religion well-examined?

Is my religious beliefs positive & life affirming?

When did these beliefs start?

Who & what does my current religion exclude or judge?

What are MY “10 Commandments” that I feel driven to live by?


I first started to question my religious beliefs when my parents got divorced, again when I got to know my atheist stepfather more, and again when my oldest sister was having a hard time getting married through the church. At these moments, I associated pain with religion but my natural subconscious had other strong beliefs.

That is when I ventured into spirituality. My spirituality may look and feel different than others’ but that is what makes it unique and uncommon. (Statistic ratio of you being alive is 1:4 Trillion. You are uniquely beautiful!) Examples of beliefs I now have through my spirituality are…

  • “I believe I am being guided by a higher & more powerful being.”
  • “Awareness is the first step to transformation.”
  • “I am enough as I am right now.”

These examples and others encourage compassion, trust/faith, love, and etc. Involving personally and spiritually leads to evolving health and inspires healing.

So, during this crazy, stressful holiday season, all I ask as a gift from you is to stop and question your current beliefs. Are they serving you towards something positive or guiding you to becoming the best version of yourself? Please reference back to the quote above for on-going support through the rough experiences we all face.

If you are a woman between the age of 25-24 and you suffer from anxious and fearful beliefs about food & your body; it is your lucky day!

From now till Jan. 1, 2017,

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Hidden Cause Of A Slow Metabolism

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

There is one word that comes to mind that seems to overtake our minds, bodies, and lives this time of year. Let me guess the gradual increase of this probably started the week before Thanksgiving and is now in full (according to Homeland Security) RED ZONE!220px-hsas-chart_with_header-svg

Can you guess what I’m talking about today?…..STRESS!

While in the studying of mind, body, nutrition (from Institute for the Psychology of Eating) there is now clinical studies proving the connection of STRESS and our METABOLISM.

A vast majority of our digestive woes become medical mysteries simply because science often has the strange habit of missing the obvious. And this is where a little clever sleuthing and some simple science comes in to save the day.

– Marc David; founder of IPE

To understand this very important connection we have to go back to science class. (Don’t worry I won’t go too nerdy on you 😉 )

The portion of the Central Nervous System that exerts the greatest influence on gastrointestinal function is called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). And within the ANS there are two subdivisions that help it accomplish its dual task of digestive arousal and digestive inhibition: the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. The sympathetic branch activates the stress response and suppresses digestive activity. The parasympathetic branch relaxes the body and activates digestion. It might be helpful to think of these two parts of the nervous system as on-and-off switches.

An example of how these nervous systems work in primal times. (Yes, I realize we no longer live in primal times but our bodies dont actual know the difference. Stress effects our bodies the same now as it did then.)


Your walking through the woods with members of your tribe; gathering and haunting enough food to bring back to the rest of the tribe. Suddently, your senses are highen by the sudden noise behind you. You jerk your head behind out of fear of the unknown. Then you see your greatest fear crouched down and ready to pounce on its newest pray. (This activates the sympathetic nervous system) You start running as fast as your body could possible move. At this time the blood runs directly to the body parts you need to survive; legs & arms, and flows away from the digestive system & the problem solving parts of the brain.  

Your body doesn’t know the difference between a wild animal chasing you and you racing to get to work, kids’ soccer practice, and/or going too long without eating. These are only a few examples of our daily stress that affect our metabolism.

Long story short, it does not matter how much kale you eat, if you eat that kale in a stressful state you are not metabolizing or absorbing any nutrients.

To be honest and transparent with you; this idea of slowing down before, while, and after I eat is still a challenge for me. However, after reading “The Slow Down Diet” by Marc David my digest has seriously changed for the better. For more success stories of slowing down; read more here….


As a Health Coach and someone currently working on decreasing stress (especially when eating) I have developed my own technique.

With my 15ml bottle of Lavendar essential oil, I inhale three large breaths prior eating every meal

According to; “The results revealed that lavender oil caused significant decreases of blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature, which indicated a decrease of autonomic arousal. In terms of mood responses, the subjects in the lavender oil group categorized themselves as more active, fresher relaxed than subjects just inhaling base oil. Compared with base oil, lavender oil increased the power of theta (4-8 Hz) and alpha (8-13 Hz) brain activities.”

Get your Lavender now & start easing your mind & body. Click here to order you bottle now:


What are your favorite techniques to slow down or decrease stress? Id love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, follow me on social media and/or email me at

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With Gratitude,


Your Ginger Coach




Thyroid Awareness Month: Edition 2

Well, HELLO!

Big warm welcome!

As you may have guessed, it is THYROID AWARENESS MONTH! And if you read my last post I summarized my history of my thyroid, the stats about those who have thyroid dysfunction, and the first action step you can take today! If you want to read that post, this link will direct you straight there.

As I have promised in my last post, I will give you some natural remedies for thyroid imbalance. This is personally my favorite part once I speak with my one-on-one clients. However, these recommendations won’t have lasting results unless you consistently!


NUTRITION Recommendations

Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s   &   Hyperthyroidism/Grave’s:

Foods high in selenium! According to;

“Selenium acts as a powerful protector of the thyroid and regulates the production of reactive oxygen within the gland, and protects it from antibodies that can create thyroid disease. For these reasons, selenium benefits are also being investigated to see if they can help patients with Hashimoto’s disease, Grave’s disease, and in pregnant women with anti-TPO antibodies. Selenium may be able to increase immunity, lower autoimmune reactions, and to lower inflammation in these populations.”


(Thank you Dr. Axe for providing this photo.)


Movement plays an enormous part in our health & longevity. That, of course, includes our thyroid function.

It hard to get through an intense cardio workout, or how about the muscle weakness when trying to lift your own body. I completely can relate to both and all of the above.  The video below is a new fitness technique that can actual improve your thyroid and give you more energy.

Ever heard of HIIT? High-Intensity Interval Training? This technique is better explained by DR. DOUG McGUFF.

In this video; Dr. McGuff is demonstrating slow HIIT. By doing this type of weight training you are activating multiple muscles at the same time equaling more muscle gain and fat loss.

Alternative Technique – ESSENTIAL OILS

ATTENTION to my fellow aromatherapist or essential oil users! Here is a blend that can directly help aid your thyroid.


 3 drops of FRANKINCENSE essential oil

5 drops LEMONGRASS essential oil

5 drops CLOVE essential oil

Carrier oil (Jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, & etc.)

Combine all in ROLLER BOTTLE

Once all combined, apply directly to the thyroid area and rub gently.

***You can also try putting two drops of FRANKINCENSE essential oil on the roof of your mouth twice daily***

Knowing that the end of this month is coming to an end, I kinda sad about it. There is so much to learn about this amazing gland…THYROID.

Grab your FREE thyroid testing guide before the month comes to an end! Just click HERE!


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“I thanked her having the strength to be vulnerable with me.”

Wow, today I had a one-on-one health coaching session in which I was not expecting. And as soon as i left I had such a “high” of inspiration & pride, I had to share it with you.

My client “Lisa” originally came to me to figure out what she can now eat since being diagnosed with Celiac disease. But trust me that is not the only thing that is medically aligning her; two types of autoimmune, no gallbladder, high cholesterol, and so much more. As with all my clients I like to come prepare to each and every session whether that be knowledge prepared or emotionally. Well, I was revived up to discuss “secondary” food not so much “primary” food. However, no matter how we want a situation to go or how we want someone to react, the universe (higher knowing/being. Whatever your belief is) has a different plan.

As soon as my first question came out of my mouth, I instantly knew we were not going to talk about food. As a health coach I had to let go of my own agenda and really tune in to what my present client needed. She needed to release alot of stress and trauma.  As she was releasing this she started to cry and looked away from me. I first told her that she is absolutely allowed to cry; giving her permission. Then I thanked her having the strength to be vulnerable with me. It is such an honor! “You share your story to those who have earned the

 “You share your story to those who have earned the right to hear my story”-Brene Brown We instinctively know who deserves to be with me while vulnerable.  However, because we are not taught to listen to our intuition; Brene Brown (“The Queen of Vulnerability”) states six types of people  shameful situation worse, not better:

  1. The friend who actually feels shame for you, gasps and confirms how horrified you should be.
  2. The friend who responds with sympathy (“I feel so sorry for you.”) rather than empathy (“I get it, I feel with you and I’ve been there.”)
  3. The friend who needs you to be the pillar of worthiness and authenticity, who can’t help because she’s too disappointed in your imperfections.
  4. The friend who is so uncomfortable with the vulnerability that she scolds, “How did you let this happen?”
  5. The friend who is all about making it better and, out of her own discomfort, refuses to acknowledge that you can actually make terrible choices (“You’re exaggerating. It wasn’t that bad.”)
  6. The friend who confuses connection with the opportunity to one-up you. (“Well, that’s nothing. Listen what happened to me…”)

Which of the following types of people have you been?

I personally have know problem being vulnerable with people; no matter who. However, my current struggle is being vulnerable with myself.

With “Myself”? Say what again? How do I even attempt to do that?  Here are my three ways to be vulnerable with yourself:

  1. Be by yourself…date yourself
  2. Allow yourself to cry. Im not saying slow tears roll down your cheeks. I mean the ugly, mascara streaks, hyperventilating crying.
  3. Have and keep faith in self. You may not know “how” or “what” to do/say but it will always will.


Follow my 31 day “ME” Month Challenge!





Come Into Yourself Like a Lion or Like a Lamb

Hello there beautiful!

First and most importantly, let me express my gratitude I have for you. It truly means the world to me that you have taken the time out of your busy day (Full-time job, motherhood; which no doubt in my mind is a full-time job in itself,  cooking, cleaning, and somewhere fitting some self-care in that craziness) Well, I hope by reading these post give you empowerment and encouragement to invest in yourself today!

For those beauties who were wondering about the St. Valentine’s Day Rejection Challenge I had set for myself. It went well. Meaning, I concord my fear of rejection. To be honest, the challenge was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard taking the first action and asking out a single guy every day till Valentine’s Day but  surprisingly it wasnt the asking that was the  hard part. As a single gal who doesnt put her self in locations with other males, not knowing where to go to meet/talk to guy was my first mini-challenge. Then, the unknowing if that guy was single or not. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Day three of the Rejection Challenge; I am pouring confidence. Big bright smile all day long. (I seriously looked like the Joker lol) At that moment I had a few guys from work that I had been crushing on; especially one. Tall, dark, and a weightlifting Yogi….the dream for any single gal. On day three, we talked for about 40 minutes about topics we had in common; food, weightlifting, food, yoga, and food. Finally, I took a deep breath and gave him my number. (You go girl!) So did we go out on Valentine’s Day do you ask? No, no we did not. He claimed he had to work, no other plans were made, and made it himself very clear he was NOT the “relationship type”. Come to find out a week later from his mom (Yes, his mother who he went to yoga with every week. I know your reaction. Head tilt and “Aww thats sweet.”) that he has a girlfriend. Note to self, ladies….DONT NOT ASSUME! Be direct and ask!

This didnt discourage me from asking out other guys. All in which had plans for Valentine’s Day. The big lesson to take from my challenge is if someone tells you they have plans; they did NOT reject YOU. Dont take it personal! The Rejection Challenge definately helped me build up courage and self-confidence. Taking ACTION builds more CONFIDENCE! (Not the other way around)


Now that you are all caught up with my dating life. (or lack of) Id love to start talking about the title of this post; “Coming into Yourself Like a Lion or Like a Lamb.”

“In like a lion, out like a lamb” a proverb that most commonly refers to the weather. Crazy rough winter weather at the beginning and calm spring-like weather at the end. For those nerds like myself; few origin theories; farmer almac, Greek, bible.

However, I would like to refer to this quote as for those trying to find inner balance. Which lets face it, we all are.

I currently have been educating myself about the big “F” word….FEAR! What is fear, how it can physically and mentally affect us in short and long term ways, why we actually need fear, how to use it as an aid to find balance, and physical technics to guide it.

Included in my morning routine (my Miracle Morning. Google it!) I read a book for 10 minutes. Well, my current book is The Fear Cure by Lissa Rankin. “Fear is the finger pointing you to where you need to pay more attention.”

Being aware or mindful of where you are is also very important. In any “12 step program” first admitting you have issue is the first step of healing. So how are you starting your day, or when searching for balance, are you search from fear or love towards yourself? You will never find love coming from or starting from fear/haterd.


Are you ready to find love for yourself?! If you are ready to embark in an amazing adventure, let me support you! It would be an honor to be part of your healing journey!

If not ready, that is ok! You are exactly where you are meant to be! If you need a goof starting point, SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER and get my 5 Tips to finding your HAPPINESS!!



Saturday Studies

Vanderbilt Hospital

41% of E.R. employees prior to study reported to have chronic work stress. Essential oil diffusers were placed randomly throughout the E.R. dept. diffusing citrus oils. After the study was completed only 3% of the same employees reported stress at work.

1 2 3 6