Hidden Cause Of A Slow Metabolism

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

There is one word that comes to mind that seems to overtake our minds, bodies, and lives this time of year. Let me guess the gradual increase of this probably started the week before Thanksgiving and is now in full (according to Homeland Security) RED ZONE!220px-hsas-chart_with_header-svg

Can you guess what I’m talking about today?…..STRESS!

While in the studying of mind, body, nutrition (from Institute for the Psychology of Eating) there is now clinical studies proving the connection of STRESS and our METABOLISM.

A vast majority of our digestive woes become medical mysteries simply because science often has the strange habit of missing the obvious. And this is where a little clever sleuthing and some simple science comes in to save the day.

– Marc David; founder of IPE

To understand this very important connection we have to go back to science class. (Don’t worry I won’t go too nerdy on you 😉 )

The portion of the Central Nervous System that exerts the greatest influence on gastrointestinal function is called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). And within the ANS there are two subdivisions that help it accomplish its dual task of digestive arousal and digestive inhibition: the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. The sympathetic branch activates the stress response and suppresses digestive activity. The parasympathetic branch relaxes the body and activates digestion. It might be helpful to think of these two parts of the nervous system as on-and-off switches.

An example of how these nervous systems work in primal times. (Yes, I realize we no longer live in primal times but our bodies dont actual know the difference. Stress effects our bodies the same now as it did then.)


Your walking through the woods with members of your tribe; gathering and haunting enough food to bring back to the rest of the tribe. Suddently, your senses are highen by the sudden noise behind you. You jerk your head behind out of fear of the unknown. Then you see your greatest fear crouched down and ready to pounce on its newest pray. (This activates the sympathetic nervous system) You start running as fast as your body could possible move. At this time the blood runs directly to the body parts you need to survive; legs & arms, and flows away from the digestive system & the problem solving parts of the brain.  

Your body doesn’t know the difference between a wild animal chasing you and you racing to get to work, kids’ soccer practice, and/or going too long without eating. These are only a few examples of our daily stress that affect our metabolism.

Long story short, it does not matter how much kale you eat, if you eat that kale in a stressful state you are not metabolizing or absorbing any nutrients.

To be honest and transparent with you; this idea of slowing down before, while, and after I eat is still a challenge for me. However, after reading “The Slow Down Diet” by Marc David my digest has seriously changed for the better. For more success stories of slowing down; read more here….


As a Health Coach and someone currently working on decreasing stress (especially when eating) I have developed my own technique.

With my 15ml bottle of Lavendar essential oil, I inhale three large breaths prior eating every meal

According to PubMed.gov; “The results revealed that lavender oil caused significant decreases of blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature, which indicated a decrease of autonomic arousal. In terms of mood responses, the subjects in the lavender oil group categorized themselves as more active, fresher relaxed than subjects just inhaling base oil. Compared with base oil, lavender oil increased the power of theta (4-8 Hz) and alpha (8-13 Hz) brain activities.”

Get your Lavender now & start easing your mind & body. Click here to order you bottle now:


What are your favorite techniques to slow down or decrease stress? Id love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, follow me on social media and/or email me at annahiltycoaching@gmail.com.

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With Gratitude,


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