The Food of the Gods…

“Cacao beans are probably the best-kept secret in the entire history of food.”

– David Wolfe

Can you guess what we will talk about today? That’s right….CHOCOLATE!! That’s right ladies, our favorite euphoria releasing food. Oh how I love chocolate!

But before we “bite” into why we love chocolate so much, let me state how excited I am about the topic I have in stored for you this month. Wait a minute…. Take a deep breath. Do you feel that? 
Do you feel the LOVE in the air? Whether you are married, in a relationship, or single February is the month of love.

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Now let’s have some fun!

According to the US Department of Commerce, the average American consumes 10 pounds of “traditional” chocolate yearly. Crazy right? That’s a whole lot of chocolate!  When I say “traditional” chocolate I simply mean the chocolate your get at convenient stores, or the chocolates always laying around at your grandma’s house; the same chocolates with highly processed cocoa, milk, and large amounts of sugar. This explains why we can become “chocoholics”.

So what is “real” chocolate? Raw caoca. (Nope, that is not a spelling mistake.) Cacao is actually the bean from the fruit. The bean that has been more valuable than currency for ancient cultures, and now consider the healthiest “superfood” of our time!

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Chocolate is a very powerful substance which deserves respect when consuming it; enjoyment & pleasure in every bite.


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