Our Thoughts Have Energy

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Today, we’re looking at a mindset issue that’s so fundamental, many of us don’t even think about questioning it. It’s the idea that your thoughts have energy; which can have a positive or negative effect on your health.

In reality, you can be mentally healthy has you want. You just need to be aware that we have a choice which “radio station” our thoughts operate from.

(Want to know what leaks your energy? Check the link at the end of this post for an awesome free fun sheet that will help you identify those leaks.)

Ready to start changing your thoughts’ “radio station”? Let’s do this!


[RECAP] What Is Energy?


Last week’s video we talked about; what is energy?

Energy is completely subjective; different per person. Every individual has a different definition of it but there is one thing everyone; scientists and
energy healers, all agree on.

Energy cannot be destroyed nor created!

Everything has energy. If it has cells, it has energy; everything we physically see & everything that we don’t see, including our thoughts!



Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Our thoughts are kind of like a radio waves. We’re conditioned to stay on one station, a very negative station. Our brains are millions of years old and designed to keep us alive, not to be happy.

We have the opportunity to turn the station. 

We can identify these weak links of our natural energy.

Download FREE funsheet with four simple questions that cam help identify where & when you link your energy.

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Our THOUGHTS & WORDS are very powerful

The ancient Romans believed that if they said a spell out loud it was more likely for that spell would work.

Attention all parents out there! (being the youngest of four) What you say to yourself especially out loud around your children really makes an impact on them.

So if you are constantly being negative to yourself around your children, they’re gonna start very negative relationship with themselves.

I don’t want that to happen.


Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

Everyone has the opportunity to move past any weight loss plateau and finally reach your weight loss without burnout or stress. You just have to figure out the path of least resistance for you with a private individualized attention that may break through those “walls”.

When I discovered the power of our thoughts on our health and of course weight loss, I could make decisions based on my strengths and stop fighting my weaknesses!

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Did you miss last week’s video? Check it out hereWhat Is Energy & How It Impacts Our Health


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