What’s An Synonym For EXCITING?!

Hey there!

Thank you for stopping by! Forewarning: you will probably see lots of !!!!!! in this post. That is because I am so excited about the future for coaching my current and future clients!

First let me start by saying the whole month of September was a combination of disappointment, excitement & so many other emotions. And I am going to start with the exciting parts (because our brains are wired to notice what “wrong”/pain first” & I am retraining my brain to do the opposite.)

Exciting part number 1….. for those who know me well; friends, clients, etc. know I am consistently learning how to be a better health coach & how to reach more people to coach. Well, one of the podcasts I listen to is called “Psychology of Eating Podcast”. episode97-follow-up-when-low-calorie-dieting-and-exercise-just-dont-work-741x371 It is an amazing resource to understanding the psychology of our brains about food & our bodies. The exciting part is I applied to their Eating Psychology Coaching program & was accepted for a scholarship; which I am so grateful for. There was only one hiccup……ME! My fears held me back for the entire month of September. Everyone has some mindset blockage or wall that allows them to panic or run away when facing the wall. One of my many “walls” is my mindset around money.

My fears held me back for the entire month of September. Everyone has some mindset blockage or wall that allows them to panic or run away when facing the wall. One of my many “walls” is my mindset around money. Very few people know this but I quit my “bread & butter” job two weeks ago (and there are several reasons why but if you want to know leave a comment below) and since then I have been trying my hardest to NOT panic or go into scarcity.  Because when you fall into scarcity mindset what do you get back?….more scarcity. So finally after a month of debating myself in my head about enrolling & on the last day to enroll; I laid there in yoga class in corpse pose completely open and whispered….. “Please show me a sign.” And I got one! I am not enrolled to be a Holistic Eating Psychologist!

One more tool in my Health Coaching toolbelt to better serve everyone I meet and myself!

Exciting part number 2…….

We all have been told; “Exercise is a very important part of our health.” In no ways am I disagreeing with this statement. However, telling people that there is only one way to “exercise” is what I disagreement. We need to STOP the comparison game! “Compare and despair” To start the journey of stopping the comparison; I started to regularly practice yoga.  The studio I practice has no mirrors so it makes it a lot easier to not let the ego lead.

What better way to inspire more people to find their best way of movement than to teach! By March 2017 I will be a

maxresdefaultCertified Power Yoga Instructor! Yay!!

Last but NOT least, the 3rd exciting new addition to my health coaching…….ESSENTIAL OILS!


If you already use essential oils; please leave a comment below on how you use them the most?

If you don’t use them; comment below “YES” if you want to learn more about them & the benefits of essential oils.

I am really looking forward to connecting with more people by teaching in person, through my freebies, and discounts  for oils/blends! Aren’t you?!

Now for the disappointing part of September. (No worries it won’t be a long list)

As many of my followers know, last month’s freebie was all about thyroid testing. Which I among millions of others suffer from thyroid dysfunction.  This freebie was something I wish I had had when I was first learning about my thyroid.

Unfortunately,  something went wrong. To be honest, I think it started at the very beginning. I assumed more people wanted the free guide that actually did.   According to the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

4agreements  Agreement #3 is Do Not Make Assumptions! If you have never read this book, I highly suggest!

Then because of some technical issues, I believe made it harder for those to receive the freebie. If there was anyone reason please click HERE to help me understand you!

UPCOMING EVENT!! For those who live in the Canton, OH area.

If you want to know more about Reiki: Japanese body relaxation technique with healing potential COME to Powerhouse Yoga Studio on Saturday, Oct. 8th @ 1:00pm.

Just click HERE if you are coming!


No worries for those who can NOT come….. I’m currently creating something special JUST FOR YOU!! ;-D

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