Using The PFC Method in the AM to Lose Weight

Happy New Year to All!

How did you celebrate the end of 2016? Go out to your local winery with friends? Stay home curled up in the onesie you got for Christmas with the TV on broadcasting Times Square? It’s been pretty obvious to some that 2016 was a rough year as a whole. Was it for you?

Being the beginning of a New Year and a fresh start for some, I bet you decided to make one resolution. Statistically, the top 5 New Year Resolutions are….

1)Lose Weight 

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2)Get Organized

3)Spend Less, Save More

4)Enjoy Life To The Fullest

5)Stay Fit & Healthy

Did you decide on one of the listed resolutions? If so, great! You have the self-motivation to take action! If not, what goals are you committed to accomplishing in 2017? I don’t make New Year Resolutions and to know why go to

However, I’m not here to go on about resolutions vs goals and how to establish SMART goals. You can google all that and find great resources on SMART goals. (Great SMART Goal Tool>> The Freedom Journal)

Today and the whole month of January I’m going to give you the valuable insights, tools, and tangible products that will support you in accomplishing the most popular resolution…..LOSING WEIGHT!

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Wake up on Jan. 1st bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to be able to say to everyone/anyone who will listen, “I going to accomplish my resolution this year.” But secretly saying, “Will I really? The likeliness of my accomplishing that is very slim, unlike me. I’m going to fail arent I?” (Which I’ll save “failure” for a whole other post.) Starting the year off strong; go to the gym everyday, push through the pain. “No pain no gain right?”, wouldnt eat breakfast, only eat a salad for lunch, and then the New Year’s resolution’s kryptonite would start. First started are the  craving for carbs & sugar (white bread, left over christmas cookies) then midway through your second bowl of pasta everything went black. Hours later the awareness starts, while sitting on couch in front of my TV like Jabba the Hutt surrounded by the evidence of the latest example of having no self control. Then the worst part started to creep it’s ugly head;  the self-loathing, the “shit talker” voice starts streaming in  the head. “See I told you, you will never accomplish___! You’re so fat and worthless.” I just wanted to die from the pain in my stomach and the complete embarrassment.

Can you tell me what went wrong in this tiring effort to lose weight? Lack of willpower? Nope. Having “bad” food available? Nope. Comment below with your guess.

The second weight loss process mistake (next week’s post will be the first mistake) was skipping breakfast.  Let’s break down the word breakfast….”Break” meaning to pause in work or activity and “fast” means abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink. So we take a “break” from the “fast”ing our bodies did all’ night.  

When we eat is just (maybe more) important as what we eat.  We do burn calories as we sleep, but not at the amount we use up in our waking hours.

The moment your eyes open in the morning, body temperature & metabolism automatically begins to rise and therefore start burning calories. Since you’re naturally heating up in the morning, eating at this time is a smart bet if you’re trying to lose weight. Adding food to your gut will increase metabolic rate even more and provide your body with the nutrients it’s already preparing to process. Think of your gut as a furnace. When you add fuel, the heat rises. – Institute For The Psychology of Eating

If you dont eat breakfast; even a small breakfast you set your body up for nutrient & energy imbalance throughout the day. Have you ever experienced the example mentioned above? The no breakfast but a late night binge on “bad” food? Let me start by telling you….There is nothing wrong with you if you do binge at night! It is your body craving for nutrients that you didn’t give it earlier in the day and it can feel like “bad” cravings. If you struggle with this, you are not alone but YOU do have the power to shift the weight loss process.

As a health coach & (self-proclaimed) foodie, I have 2 very valuable & tangible tools to aid you through your weight loss journey.

Not all of us are able to cook in the morning, especially during the week. (My client’s number one reason they dont eat breakfast) I completely understand how difficult it is to make you your priority (future post will discuss the importance of this). Put here is an On-The-Go smoothie recipe you can make at night for your breakfast or make it every morning. In my personal & professional recommendations for nutrients needed in the morning this recipe has and so much more! Get Excited!


As your support to reach & maintain your health goals; your breakfast should always include   (in order of importance) PFC:Protein, Fat, & Carbs.
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You;”So what’s the other tool I need to sustainably lose weight?” 

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Hey you!! Thank you for reading the whole post. My passion is to give you as much value to improve your mind, your body, and your spirit.

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