Rid Yourself from Toxic Nutritional Beliefs

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welcome to the third week of February and this month we’re  talking all about nutrition all about food and kind to figure out what to believe what not to believe so the first week if you go to annahilty.com/diets — 4 Popular Diets’ Dos & Don’ts.

Stop by to see what you can take from each one of those and see if you can start applying it to your life!

This week we’re gonna talk about toxic beliefs about food, but before we begin I wanted to tell you a quick reminder get a free download that explains the top four very popular diets in a visual aid their dos and don’ts & what they all have in common! *so there’s not a quick fix there’s no magic pill there’s not one food that’s going to instantly make you lose weight but use this FREE DOWNLOAD as your guide.



4 Popular Diets: Their Do’s & Don’ts + What They All Have in Common

Let’s Get Down & Dirty 


I am so passionate about this topic and nutrition and food play a huge part in our health if you don’t already know his which you probably already do because you’re awesome!

Among several, today we are going to talk about the top  3 Nutritional Toxic Beliefs.

  1. Calories in calories out eat less – exercise more, eat less
  2. Fat makes me fat
  3. Protein will make me look like a bodybuilder

Okay so I’m gonna break down each and explain why they are toxic, why they not true (they’re a complete myth),  and why it’s so hard to break.

  1. Calories and calories out

This belief started many many many years ago they were researching exercise and they were prioritizing exercise over food and they were seeing some results. The problem is when you deprive ourselves with food and we exercise more, depriving ourselves with food it was putting our body in the starvation mode it holds on to the weight and the cravings started & puts us in the sympathetic nervous system the stress stage.

“In November 1944, 36 young men took up residence in the corridors and rooms of the University of Minnesota football stadium. They were not members of the football team. Rather, they were volunteers preparing for a nearly yearlong experiment on the psychological and physiological effects of starvation. Known as the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, the study was a project of the newly established Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota, an interdisciplinary research institution with an emphasis on nutrition and human biology.”

The exercise part when you over exercise. Breaking down muscles and then resting (HIIT) actually builds more and stronger muscles *more muscle mass equal burning more weight. We must REST! Chronic exercising it your body and never resting again leads the body to the stress stage….hold on to stubborn belly fat.

Have you experienced this? leave a comment below.

2. Fat makes me fat

This belief is one of the biggest debated nutritional topics. The 80s there was a big movement of don’t eat any fat; everything was fat-free. They’re finding now that those who were chronically on a very low-fat diet are actually having neurological disorders such as MS or Alzheimer’s.


Okay, so how does that have to do with your weight loss? Weight loss has a lot to do with our hormones. Essential fatty acids, such as
good fats omega-3s & omega 9s. The entire endocrine system needs EFAs to fully function correctly.

Also, healthy fats are a long strain of energy; carbohydrates spikes that cortisol and crashes, protein lifts a little bit  but for the most part keeps a pretty level. If you’re having energy problems and weight problems then you definitely need healthy fats.

3. Protein is going to make me look like a bodybuilder

I heard this a lot when I was in bodybuilding I heard this alot. Male bodies and female bodies metabolize things completely differently. male bodies metabolize protein certain types of protein differently than female bodies. One source of animal protein metabolizes completely different than plant-based protein. Okay so it will help you build muscle absolutely but it will not turn bodybuilder.

Lets clear one thing up there is a difference between high-quality protein and low-quality protein. Those protein powders in a big container are awful for you, just awful.


Why Is It So Hard?!


So, why is it so damn hard to disengage because from these beliefs? Because they’re ingrained in our belief system is into our subconscious mind and our mind. And our subconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of what we do and think.

I know that doesn’t sound very encouraging um but the first step of breaking any belief is to…first to question that belief.



So you can create a new  belief system and I’m here to help you! I’m here to go on this journey with you! If you want to talk; FaceTime or phone call, or email me — anna@annahilty.com and/or Follow me on facebook


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I hope you’ve learned so much and I’ve inspired to take action! I look forward to seeing you in next week’s video

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