Success Stories

"Knowledge isn't power unless it's applied."

"If you're really looking for someone who has  your overall wellness in mind, Anna is he best match for you. I have had quite a few health problems in the past few years, including high blood pressure. I wanted to get away from the medication because it made me very sick in the process. With Anna's guidance and extensive knowledge, I haven't had to take blood pressure medication in months. She took the time to sit down and go over certain foods, and vitamins that would help lower my blood pressure naturally and developed a plan that I was able to stick with. She is always supportive, and very friendly. Highly recommended!" - Alicia

"We have also explored what triggers my stress eating...."

"Anna is an amazing health coach.  I came to her after I was experiencing some health issues.  My thyroid numbers were off, my Vitamin D really low, my adrenal gland was exhausted, and I put on 50 extra pounds after watching what I was eating and swimming a mile two-three times per week for over a year.  My goals with Anna were simple. 1: Find new techniques to deal with stress, 2. Learn not to be so hard on me, 3. Discuss some new food options and exercise options. 

Anna has introduced me to a breathing app that I love!  It helps me slow down, relax, and definitely regroup! I use it every day and on a very stressful day a couple of times a day.  I can not believe how calm and centered I feel it has helped me to just relax. We have also explored what triggers my stress eating and what healthier options are out there.  We have explored reading food labels and exchanging unhealthy food choices for healthy ones. I'm happy to say after seeing Anna for several months my numbers are better, my energy level is so much better and I have lost 14 pounds!  I haven't felt this good in years! If you are ready to take your health seriously give Anna a call. she is awesome to work with!"

 - Therese

"...has helped me through my health journey."

"Prior to connecting with Anna I was unhappy with my weight, with body pains, and had a lot less positive mindset. At the age of 60, I decided it was time to take control of my own life. Working with Anna has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has taught me the importance of breakfast and different types of exercise. Anna coached me how to read and understand food labels, and the awareness of how much sugar I was consuming daily. Due to my total knee replacement, I felt limited on what exercises my body could do. However, with Anna I experimented with several types of movement that felt comfortable to me. What I truly learned through my time with Anna, foods absolutely can cause inflammation and pain but also heal the pain. Along with having less pain, losing ten plus pounds; the nutrition awareness and deep breathing has helped me through my health journey. Thank you, Anna for everything you have taught me!" -Kathy

"... love myself mind, body and spirit."

"Hi, I am Melissa I started my journey with my health coach Anna in the Marc's check out counter. I noticed that someone was buying lots of veggies as I was. That struck up a very happy, quick talk consisting of business card exchanges. I decided that I needed a person to guide me through this good mess of a change with my body. Notice I said, "good mess". Anna helped me realize one thing.....( many in fact) I deserve to love myself no matter what. I had started my weight loss journey in 2005. I was at my worst weight with many health issues....high BP, skin issues, depression, anxiety, hormonal issues etc...the list was endless. I had changed my ways of eating losing weight 80lbs at that time. I did a very big lifestyle change with food and exercise. But something still seemed missing....I had committed to health, but my "whole" self was not committed. I have kept the weight of all but like 15lbs.....But where Anna came in to save me from the destruction of my inner "whole" self. She helped me learn what triggers my eating habits, my depressive thoughts, hormonal changes, my thinking of myself (good or bad), and how to fix it and not torture myself anymore with how these things effect me. -Melissa