Why and When To Detox the Body & Mind

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2019

Have you ever felt tired at the end of the day? Or have had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Perhaps you should consider a body and mind cleansing detoxification. There is an excellent chance that excessive toxins are clogging up your system and incubating disease conditions over the long run. Many people report feeling a massive increase in their energy levels after going through a body cleansing detox program explicitly designed to remove built-up toxins from their body.

One of the benefits of a body and mind detox is a significant fact that you feel a whole lot lighter when the routine is finished. You’ll be amazed when you see yourself without all those years of toxic build-up. Losing a few pounds or more is a common occurrence. Imagine the increase in your energy levels after all of these toxins and waste is often removed.


With our world increasingly becoming toxic, the question is not if detoxing is necessary but when. It's...

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Cellulite Challenge

acceptance body Jun 13, 2019

Hey there beautiful!

I am so excited my heart is thumping. Today I am going to talk about Cellulite and I want to share a podcast I heard today by host, Maddy Moon. She said and I quote, “I know for a fact that being a fitness model, meditative yogi, juice cleanse queen or a ripped G.I. Jane does not bring the happiness you are told about (Trust me, I’ve been all of those)”

While listening to her podcast “How to Stop Shaming Your Food Choices”, she made reference to one of her blog posts, “How Cellulite Saved My Life”. Her bravery and vulnerability inspired me to also be vulnerable with my followers and also to start a Self-Acceptance Challenge! Are you excited?!

Maddy posted a picture of her backside at a fitness model competition` and also a current picture of her backside and my mind went WOW! It dawned on me that having cellulite does not make her less of a person and the same goes for YOU and ME!


So, therefore, I...

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Mindset Changes To Shift Your Metabolism

mindset Jun 12, 2019

Hey Hey!

If you haven’t heard the term “mindset challenges” before.

The concept of mindset challenges is strange because on the surface, why wouldn’t we want to have a successful mindset to accomplish our goals? It’s weird when you think about it.

How do you know if you have any mindset challenges? And what do you actually do about them? (Hint: there’s an free opportunity at the end of this.)

So if you’ve been feeling blocked or conflicted about weight and you don’t know why, today’s post will provide a great refresher for you.

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics.


"The Mind Is Everything. What You Think, You Become." - Buddha

It’s way easier to think that you can't lose weight because of something outside of yourself. You know, things like the people around me tempt me, work drains my motivation, Mercury Retrograde, or any other random excuse.

Now, don’t get me wrong: there are external...

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