Foods To Stop Overeating

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If you haven’t noticed, we kick-start a new series on Overeating and Binge eating. A lot of us struggle with Overeating and Binge eating, and we feel ashamed to admit it even to ourselves! Regarding these, there are common myths we tell ourselves almost every day and this has spurred me to write this.

Before we start on the types of food that will stop overeating, I gotta remind you of a few things…

  • This is an experiment; not forever. Every nutrient, the needs for each individual person will vary throughout life
  • Not wedded to any particular nutritional system. You just want to do what works for any given person. Every nutrient or substance, exact needs vary from person to person
  •  Don’t get caught up in trying to figure out the exact amount of any nutrient or macronutrient that any human being needs. Please don’t waste your time and energy. There is no scientifically correct answer anyways.

Okay, lets get started!

  1. Protein
  • Low in Protein symptoms:
    • Mood:Irritability, fatigue, depression
    • Brain: forgetfulness, poor memory, poor cognition, poor attention span, moodiness,
    • Appetite: hunger, overeating, binge eating, inability to lose weight,
    • External body: hair loss, brittle hair, brittle nails, poor muscle tone, pain, poor circulation, feeling cold, slow wound healing, headaches
    • Digestion: poor digestion, bloating,
    • Other: sleep issues, feeling faint, low sexual response
  • QUALITY over quantity – Organic
    • Plant or Animal
  • Levels out blood sugar levels throughout the day


  1. EFAs – Healthy Fats
  • Low Fat symptoms:
    • Mood:  fatigue, irritability Poor digestion, moodiness
    • Brain: poor cognitive function
    • Appetite:constant hunger, cravings for fried foods or fatty foods or junk food, binge eating
    • External body: inability to lose weight,dry skin, dry brittle hair, blotchy, dry or oily skin, redness around the eyes, constipation,stiff or painful joints, dandruff, brittle fingernails, dry eyes, thirst, loss of menses or irregular cycle, low sexual response
  • QUALITY over quantity
    • Trans fats and inflammatory vegetable oils are bad fats that cause free radical damage and create a perfect storm for inflammation.
      • Most restaurants cook with toxic oils because they’re cheap and marketed as heart-healthy, low-cholesterol fats.
  • Long source of energy & levels blood sugar
    • Endurance athletes are now using fats as their main source of energy


  1. High Fiber – not high carb
  • Low Fiber symptoms:
    • Mood: moodiness, irritability
    • Appetite: Intense hunger, constant hunger, cravings for various foods – most for carbs or high sugar foods
    • Digestion: Constipation
  • QUALITY over quantity – Organic
    • Green leafy vegetables
    • Root vegetables
  • Fills up stomach (Makes you feel full) & smoothly guides the digestion

This is a brief wrap on the types of foods that will stop overeating. But never forget, everyone goes through different phases and challenges daily but every day you have is an opportunity to keep up your journey to health!

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3 Myths About Why Do We Overeat

Hey there beautiful!

This new month, we kick-start a new series on Overeating and Binge eating. A lot of us struggle with Overeating and Binge eating, and we feel ashamed to admit it even to ourselves! Regarding these, there are common myths we tell ourselves almost every day and this has spurred me to write this. So here we go!

First, I have a Willpower problem. Do you ever say to yourself sometimes, I cannot just control myself around food? My Willpower is just shot? Well that is a myth.

Second, there is something wrong with me or this is personal. If you think you are the only one overeating especially at night, that is not true and also a myth. Overeating isn’t a personal problem.

Third, the need to under eat to counteract Overeating.  We tend to think skipping breakfast would help curb overeating. This too is another myth.



Now, we would take a look at these thoroughly.

First, the Willpower Problem.  The truth here is that we do not actually eat when we think we do! What do I mean by that? If you have followed my videos in the past, you’ll understand that the first stage of digestion is the eyes and not the mouth and this is called the CPDR (Cephalic Phase Digestive Response) which is just a technical term. This simply means that when we see a food that we want, we instantly send signals to the body to increase saliva production in the mouth and oxygen flow to the stomach and then messages to the rest of the body in preparation for the food seen, but when we deny our body of what we want, we deny it of its pleasure.

We can say two important vitamins, Vit P (pleasure) and Vit O (oxygen) are lost when we eat in this jet age! We tend to move so fast our brain doesn’t have enough time to notice when we eat! When we miss taste, pleasure, satisfaction, etc. – the brain interprets this missed experience as hunger. So in other words, if you rushed through a meal and failed to notice it, the brain isn’t smart enough to say, “Hey, you were in a rush and not paying attention to your food.”  The brain simply says “Hungry.” So we are literally physiologically driven to eat more even if we’ve eaten a huge meal. The brain has commanded us to eat because it didn’t get what it needed – the eating experience.

Second, Overeating is a personal problem. In this, we think it is just us and no one else could be going through the same challenge. When we feel this way, we start an endless cycle of shame, guilt and feeling fine or gross!

Shame differs from guilt and according to Brene Brown, shame is a focus on self while guilt is a focus on behavior. Shame is, “I am bad.” Guilt is, “I did something bad.” Understanding this difference helps us build a good relationship with our food. When you take three deep breathes before and after a meal, you would not overeat because you’ll be calm and eat less!

Third, we have to under eat to counteract Overeating.  A lot of women like myself are or have been guilty of this. We find ourselves stuck in a cycle of binge eating and starving trying to offset the effects of a previous meal by under eating and in addition wearing a cloak of shame but this isn’t right. Under eating leaving our bodies starving and which leads to overeating again! This goes a long way to affect our bodies irrationally and should be avoided to achieve that healthy body we all want.

This is a brief wrap on these three myths. But never forget, everyone goes through different phases and challenges daily but every day you have is an opportunity to keep up your journey to health!

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4 at Home Holistic Techniques to Increase Energy

Hey there B.E.A.Utiful! (name that movie lol)

Today we’re revealing the 4 at home holistic techniques that massively boosted your natural energy.

If you missed last week’s video; you can watch it here. And if you’re considering joining 3 month private health coaching program I have an in-depth details here and I’ll be offering 50% off the original price of the program … just for the month of March 2018. Ready to take your health tot he next level? YES!


So what are the 4 at home holistic techniques to increase energy?

1. Listen to music – in the morning, childhood music

Even short pieces of happy or sad music can affect us. One study showed that after hearing a short piece of music, participants were more likely to interpret a neutral expression as happy or sad, to match the tone of the music they heard. This also happened with other facial expressions, but was most notable for those that were close to neutral.

Something else that’s really interesting about how our emotions are affected by music is that there are two kind of emotions related to music: perceived emotions and felt emotions.


2. Smile

Smiling elevates your mood.

Because neurochemicals and peptides are released, putting a smile on your face can trick your body into raising your mood. Dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin raise your spirits and calm your nervous system.”  – TheBestBrainPossible.com

3. Go Outside

“According to the University of Rochester, studies suggest that 90 percent of people experience increased energy just by participating in activities outside. ” – Mindfulmintues.com

4. EFT Tapping

So, if you have what I call an Energy Vampire (or narcissist) in your life, Tapping can work to help you rid yourself of the beliefs that keep you stuck in your relationship and that can haunt you even after you have released an Energy Vampire from your life.” – Dr. Northrup


Holistic energy resources for you

Trust me, there’s still a lot of other ways or techniques you can do to increase your natural energy. Such as contacting a Reiki practitioner, (Reiki is a Japanese body relaxation technique that has healing potential) Light therapy, Hymalyia salt baths, etc. The list goes on! I want to simplify and show you just a couple quick ways you can increase your energy NOW. A great resource to visit to learn the other ways is RisingSunHolistic.com.

I know some of these techniques can be overwhelming when trying to do them all at once. My suggestion is to pick one do that one for at least 21 days and see if you feel a shift. If not, that’s okay. Now you can try the next. Remember that all of these take consistency and practice.

Have compassion for yourself when trying to maintain and “tap” (pun intended hehe) to your natural energy.


With Gratitude,


The PFC Method to Lose Weight

Hey there beautiful!

We are nearing the end of February, and I don’t know about you but this month has been just so inspiring and so enlightening and I hope you learned a lot this month. This week we’re gonna be talking about my method the west’s method that I’ve heard quite a few experts and athletes use and I  know it has worked for to lose the weight.

But before we can get started  I want to tell you that because I’m so passionate about this topic of nutrition and the power of food I created a  completely free download just for you!

Now that you downloaded your free guide, let get down and dirty about today’s topic!

*Watch the video or listen to the audio

So let’s get started so the method that I believe is a very basic method. It doesn’t require counting calories, counting points, counting macronutrients or anything else.  I believe when you do all those, you’re sending the body and the brain a stress response and in my last videos I had talked about what happens when our body and our mind is in the stress response, so let’s eliminate those strategies.  that make you want to make you do that so this method doesn’t make you do that, however, This method will brighten your awareness of what you’re putting in your mouth.

The PFC Method


While using this method in any meal that you eat you really need to concentrate on having a high-quality protein. Whether that’s plant-based or animal protein that should be probably the number one. Protein elevates the insulin level a little bit but it will fill you up the longer the day.

Number two to focus while using the PFC method is  fats. In last week’s video ( annahilty.com/toxic/ ) we talked a lot about toxic beliefs about fats. In the first video of this month ( annahilty.com/diets/ )we broke down what are some good fats and what are some bad fats. And also a great resource to get really nitty-gritty about the science around fat and essential fatty acids is if you look up Dr. Mark Hyman; functional medicine doctor from Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland Ohio.

Finally,  the third to focus on of the PFC Method is carbohydrates.  We need carbs! I don’t know how many times I have to say that.

These three the protein fat and carbs they make up our macronutrients. They call macronutrients because we need those we need those three to survive every day we need those to survive so why if we didn’t need carbs if we if everyone went on the Atkins diet and we never ate another carb. Why if we didn’t need it why would it be considered a macronutrient?

I don’t know about you that doesn’t make much sense so a good card so I don’t like to talk about bad food and good food or anything like that but I think you’re smart enough to realize what’s a healthy carbohydrate and what’s a non-healthy carbohydrate so a simple carbohydrate would be white rice white bread white pasta. Those really spike the insulin level really spike the core zone and makes us gain more weight.

Complex carbohydrates do elevate insulin level more so if you would have a protein or fat but not as fast as the simple carbohydrates; sweet potatoes carrots any root vegetable whole grains such as a quinoa and millet. 

Real quick overview of where our focus should go…


Is a method that athletes use well depending on the athlete but it has worked for several people so if you’re looking for a quick fix which I am NOT a quick fix coach. If that makes perfect sense, start incorporating it into your everyday life.

Don’t forget to download your free download it so click on the link below and it will be sent directly to you again. It lists the top four popular diets and the dos the don’ts.


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Rid Yourself from Toxic Nutritional Beliefs

Hey, there beautiful,

welcome to the third week of February and this month we’re  talking all about nutrition all about food and kind to figure out what to believe what not to believe so the first week if you go to annahilty.com/diets — 4 Popular Diets’ Dos & Don’ts.

Stop by to see what you can take from each one of those and see if you can start applying it to your life!

This week we’re gonna talk about toxic beliefs about food, but before we begin I wanted to tell you a quick reminder get a free download that explains the top four very popular diets in a visual aid their dos and don’ts & what they all have in common! *so there’s not a quick fix there’s no magic pill there’s not one food that’s going to instantly make you lose weight but use this FREE DOWNLOAD as your guide.

Let’s Get Down & Dirty 

I am so passionate about this topic and nutrition and food play a huge part in our health if you don’t already know his which you probably already do because you’re awesome!

Among several, today we are going to talk about the top  3 Nutritional Toxic Beliefs.

  1. Calories in calories out eat less – exercise more, eat less
  2. Fat makes me fat
  3. Protein will make me look like a bodybuilder

Okay so I’m gonna break down each and explain why they are toxic, why they not true (they’re a complete myth),  and why it’s so hard to break.

  1. Calories and calories out

This belief started many many many years ago they were researching exercise and they were prioritizing exercise over food and they were seeing some results. The problem is when you deprive ourselves with food and we exercise more, depriving ourselves with food it was putting our body in the starvation mode it holds on to the weight and the cravings started & puts us in the sympathetic nervous system the stress stage.

“In November 1944, 36 young men took up residence in the corridors and rooms of the University of Minnesota football stadium. They were not members of the football team. Rather, they were volunteers preparing for a nearly yearlong experiment on the psychological and physiological effects of starvation. Known as the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, the study was a project of the newly established Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota, an interdisciplinary research institution with an emphasis on nutrition and human biology.”

The exercise part when you over exercise. Breaking down muscles and then resting (HIIT) actually builds more and stronger muscles *more muscle mass equal burning more weight. We must REST! Chronic exercising it your body and never resting again leads the body to the stress stage….hold on to stubborn belly fat.

Have you experienced this? leave a comment below.

2. Fat makes me fat

This belief is one of the biggest debated nutritional topics. The 80s there was a big movement of don’t eat any fat; everything was fat-free. They’re finding now that those who were chronically on a very low-fat diet are actually having neurological disorders such as MS or Alzheimer’s.

Okay, so how does that have to do with your weight loss? Weight loss has a lot to do with our hormones. Essential fatty acids, such as
good fats omega-3s & omega 9s. The entire endocrine system needs EFAs to fully function correctly.

Also, healthy fats are a long strain of energy; carbohydrates spikes that cortisol and crashes, protein lifts a little bit  but for the most part keeps a pretty level. If you’re having energy problems and weight problems then you definitely need healthy fats.

3. Protein is going to make me look like a bodybuilder

I heard this a lot when I was in bodybuilding I heard this alot. Male bodies and female bodies metabolize things completely differently. male bodies metabolize protein certain types of protein differently than female bodies. One source of animal protein metabolizes completely different than plant-based protein. Okay so it will help you build muscle absolutely but it will not turn bodybuilder.

Lets clear one thing up there is a difference between high-quality protein and low-quality protein. Those protein powders in a big container are awful for you, just awful.

Why Is It So Hard?!

So, why is it so damn hard to disengage because from these beliefs? Because they’re ingrained in our belief system is into our subconscious mind and our mind. And our subconscious mind is responsible for about 95% of what we do and think.

I know that doesn’t sound very encouraging um but the first step of breaking any belief is to…first to question that belief.

So you can create a new  belief system and I’m here to help you! I’m here to go on this journey with you! If you want to talk; FaceTime or phone call, or email me — anna@annahilty.com and/or Follow me on facebook

I hope you’ve learned so much and I’ve inspired to take action! I look forward to seeing you in next week’s video

Namaste <3

2 Amazing Holistic Women, 2 Amazing Interviews

Hey there beautiful,

Today I’m interviewing two absolutely amazing women, Cindy Reutter AND Kathleen Donhardt. There are incredibly successful women, who provide powerful new perspective and knowledge to the holistic and psychology world

They both have a lot to share with us about different holistic therapies, our relationship with food & body and life, so watch the videos below or listen to the audio of each interview.


Kathleen Donhardt – Light Elephant Coach

(Eating Psychology Coach)

Facebook: Facebook.com/lightelephantcoach

Email Kathleen: kdonhardt@internode.on.ne




Cindy Reutter – Rising Sun Holistic Choices

(Founder & Co-Owner of Rising Sun Holistic Choices; Canton, OH)

Website: Risingsunholistic.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/risingsunholistic

Telephone: 330-433-2511




Let’s get to the bottom of WHY YOU OVEREAT & 4 HABITS TO STOP OVEREATING, together!


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 @ 3pm

Click to REGISTER: https://goo.gl/1y7ENg

Thank you for being apart of this growing community. And I hope these topics bring you value in more ways than one. Please, if you found this inspiring and/or useful please leave a comment below.  THANK YOU AGAIN!


With Gratitude,




Don’t Forget….

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How Eating Psychology Approach Has Changed My Relationship With Food & Myself

Hey there beautiful,

We’ve all had it happen: you’re in full gear towards your accomplishing your New Years resolution, decluttering your life, making upgrades and manifesting like a pro when suddenly something that brings you crashing down.

It can be just a simple thing like a piece of candy, but the effect is HUGE.

So, what can you do when it happens to you?

Below are two videos about the HUGE impact that Eating Psychology approach to weight loss has changed my relationship to food & my body. It has also helped me be dedicated to my health NO MATTER what daily challenges I face.

How Eating Psychology Has Changed My Relationship with Food and with My Body

Before you do another diet or cleanse, you need to lay the inner groundwork.

Why? Because if you try to do another external strategy while your subconscious insists that it has to be hard, you’ll sabotage yourself.

Eating psychology has changed my internal world, allowed me to see the world with fresh & positive eyes towards my weight. Today, these are 3 strategies & concepts that has changed my relationship with food and my body.


-Perfectionism is the root of this mindset challenge and the beginning of this vicious psychology cycle

– Letting go of the guilt. Stopping the guilt stops the cycle to continue. (For more info, watch/listen above)


-Take 5-10 deep and slow breaths before and after you eat.

– By eating slowly allows the body to be in Parasympathetic nervous system (state of healing, high functional digestion, and losing weight)


– The first stage of digestion and the first step to find pleasure the cephalic phase response –gastric secretion occurs even before food enters stomach, especially while it is being eaten. It results from the sight, smell, thought, or taste of food, and the greater the appetite, the more intense is the stimulation Taking time to eat is the first opportunity we have to open up the door to pleasure.



Interviewed by Marc David; founder & CEO of Institute for the Psychology of Eating. 

Let Me Ask You A Question…

Once you start eating; Is it hard for you to stop?

Do you kinda numb out when you eat? When you finally get the chance to eat, you try to find anything that will satisfy that hunger? Or, do you instantly feel the sense of guilt, shame, and/or self-loathing after you eat?

Well, there is a SOLUTION to those questions.

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, January 23. 2017 @ 3pm

LINK to Register: https://goo.gl/1y7ENg

Thank you for being apart of this growing community. And I hope these topics bring you value in more ways than one. Please, if you found this inspiring and/or useful please leave a comment below. Again, thank you and I will see in next week’s video >> www.annahilty.com/2women


With Gratitude,


Mr. Sandman

Are Dreams Are Here to Help Us

A new month means….New Give-Away for you! Get excited!

This whole month of March is dedicated to SLEEP. The importance of sleep, and how to not just get more but get better quality sleep; which I have no doubt it will be a large factor in improving your sleep and your entire life.

This vlog today is all about our dreams and what creates our dreams. A mystery science of dreams is uncertain and alot of people fear uncertainty. Knowing what creates dreams can help us manifest the dreams, habits, and beliefs we need to thrive in life!

3 Ways to get More Quality Sleep Every night! The FREE slides mentioned in the video.

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You Aren’t Going To Like This.

Number 1 Secret Way to get More Quality Sleep

A new month means….New Give-Away for you! Get excited!

This week; March 5th – Month 11th is National Sleep Awareness Week and with that as my inspiration & my passion for helping you improve your health; I have dedicated the whole month of March to SLEEP. The importance of sleep, and how to not just get more but get better quality sleep; which I have no doubt it will be a large factor in improving your sleep!

Top 3 Ways to Have More Quality Sleep

FREE download of slides….

FREE Wholistic Coaching

Wrapping Things Up With a Cherry On Top

The Cherry On Top of a Delicious Month

1st week – All about CHOCOLATE!! Yum! www.annahilty.com/chocolate

2nd Week – Romantic Relationships. The 5 Love Languages and How to communicate more clearly to your loved one. www.annahilty.com/5love

3rd Week – Combo Week: Eating Disorder Awareness Week + Love for the Singles.  “How My Binge Eating Made Me a Better Girlfriend.”  www.annahilty.com/girlfriend

Last chance to get this month’s freebie!

Set The Mood for Love With Essential Oils