INTERVIEW: Edition 1 “Mustard Seed Market”

FINALLY….Here it is! My interview with Abraham Nabors; 2nd generation owner of Mustard Seed Market & Cafe. For those who have never heard of Mustard Seed Market & Cafe, is the largest locally-owned retailer of natural and organic products in Ohio.

MSM have the highest quality food in the area and the standard they practice are those every company should function by. This interview really expresses the standards and the importance of this practice.

I learned alot with interviewing Abraham and my hope is that you learn as much. Take time to invest in your health by educating yourself by listening to this interview and go to Mustard Seed Market & Cafe website.

Abraham Nebors- Mustard Seed Market Interview

Now, I would like to apologize for how long it has taken me to post this interview. To better serve you and be “perfect”, I had a vision on what the “perfect” interview looked/sounded like. If anyone who has studied self-development through Oprah, Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, or any amazing mentor, you know that “PERFECT”  is bullshit! It only cripples the present.