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Why and When To Detox the Body & Mind

 Have you ever felt tired at the end of the day? Or have had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Perhaps you should consider a body and mind cleansing detoxification. There is an excellent chance that excessive toxins are clogging up your system and incubating disease conditions over the long run. Many people report feeling a massive increase in their energy levels after going through a body cleansing detox program explicitly designed to remove built-up toxins from their body.



One of the benefits of a body and mind detox is a significant fact that you feel a whole lot lighter when the routine is finished. You’ll be amazed when you see yourself without all those years of toxic build-up. Losing a few pounds or more is a common occurrence. Imagine the increase in your energy levels after all of these toxins and waste is often removed.


With our world increasingly becoming toxic, the question is not if detoxing is necessary but when. It’s essential you pay proper attention and start listening to your body, and if you’re experiencing any one of these, it’s a sign that it’s time to start your detox method of choice:

  • You Experience digestive distress

This is a clear signal you need a complete diet overhaul, and detox is exactly what you need. Bloating, Constipation, diarrhea, and gas shouldn’t be happening if everything works correctly.

  • Your skin isn’t clear.

Toxin and chemical buildup doesn’t do us any favors when it comes to the health and appearance of our skin. An overload of toxins can hinder the function of your liver and lead to buildup which can creep up to the surface inform of rashes, acne, and inflammation.

  • You’re struggling with your weight.

It’s important to be healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy. The microbiome in your body is a vast pool of all various strains of bacteria, and without the proper balance of good bacteria, harmful bacteria start to take over, leading to inflammation and a slowed metabolism. Take a time-out and start healing your gut.

  • You’re constantly stressed.

Stress is a major causative factor to all sorts of health issues and can even trigger autoimmune conditions and bigger mental health problems like depression. While a food-related cleanse can also be fantastic to help relieve the physical contributors to stress, sometimes you need to put outside stimuli on mute and recharge your mental state.


Body detox is like a second chance to make a fresh start that can make life worth living! Imagine what it will feel like once the toxins are gone from your body. Think of how easier it will be and a whole lot healthier, when you can process and receive the vital nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly every day. You’ll feel much healthier and have a lot more energy for your daily activities when your body experiences optimum nutrition. Best of all, your body will be in top working shape after a body cleansing detox

Let’s hear from you! If you ever have done a type of detox, leave a comment below. What was the detox and how did you know to do it?

Looking forward to reading and hearing from all of you!

With Gratitude,



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What Is Energy & How To Get More

Have you ever said to yourself, I don’t have enough energy or time? Or maybe you wonder why you are always so tired, sluggish and can’t be as fast as that guy or lady you see every day. If you have ever felt this way or said such to yourself, this month’s topic is definitely for you.

For this month, which is the national nutrition month, I am going to talk about our body’s energy in relation to our health. You’ll be getting juicy information on topics like Thoughts and their energy, How to address energy leaks in your body, Foods that increase or decrease your energy levels and also four home-based holistic techniques which would boost your body’s energy instantly! I hope you are ready for this?

So, Energy is a big buzz word going around in different circles, but if I may ask what it is, I’ll be getting different definitions right? To the scientist, it could mean one thing, while to the energy healer or a holistic coach like me, it would mean another, but one thing is constant across every sphere:

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This means, our body has the exact amount of energy it needs!

The common mistake

We make when dealing with our body is that, we continuously look for external sources of energy to keep our bodies running while we leave our internal sources untapped. One common example of such external source is caffeine. I am not against taking caffeine but against its extreme use. Like when you go to Dunkin’ doughnuts and get the extra tall coffee with cream and sugar and then you take multiple of that a day. This is where the real issue lies! I am up for 8 ounces of black coffee a day which is beneficial to your body but not its chronic intake. You might not know this, but according to the FDA, caffeine is a drug. Yes it is! Have you ever tried abstaining from coffee for about a week? You might begin to experience its withdrawal symptoms like the headaches, getting crankier and the sweats. These are the exact same symptoms a drug user goes through during rehab. So, when you find yourself reaching for that fourth cup of coffee or that energy drink.

Ask yourself, Am I managing my energy effectively? Am I using my internal energy stores?

Over the next few weeks, our aim is to know if we are managing the energy we already have, to build an awareness towards things which drain our energy and which of these stressors might be subconscious. We will together understand Energy is, that we are made up of energy just like everything around us and that issues arise with our bodies when we keep looking to external sources of energy. We see this in how many fall sick on vacations. Why? There is an imbalance of energy in their bodies. They are always on the go, go, go and when they get to relax and slip into the haling state, their bodies begin to try to detox itself!

My recommendation

For you throughout this week to help keep your body in a fatigued state is to breathe.  This might sound crazy to you but it has helped me through a lot. We many times forget to breathe! So when you find yourself in such a state, take three deep breathes in and relax. You should try this during this week while you try to ease yourself off these external sources of energy slowly. Build this awareness into yourself and you’ll experience that change you seek!



2 Amazing Holistic Women, 2 Amazing Interviews

Hey there beautiful,

Today I’m interviewing two absolutely amazing women, Cindy Reutter AND Kathleen Donhardt. There are incredibly successful women, who provide powerful new perspective and knowledge to the holistic and psychology world

They both have a lot to share with us about different holistic therapies, our relationship with food & body and life, so watch the videos below or listen to the audio of each interview.


Kathleen Donhardt – Light Elephant Coach

(Eating Psychology Coach)

Facebook: Facebook.com/lightelephantcoach

Email Kathleen: kdonhardt@internode.on.ne




Cindy Reutter – Rising Sun Holistic Choices

(Founder & Co-Owner of Rising Sun Holistic Choices; Canton, OH)

Website: Risingsunholistic.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/risingsunholistic

Telephone: 330-433-2511




Let’s get to the bottom of WHY YOU OVEREAT & 4 HABITS TO STOP OVEREATING, together!


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 @ 3pm

Click to REGISTER: https://goo.gl/1y7ENg

Thank you for being apart of this growing community. And I hope these topics bring you value in more ways than one. Please, if you found this inspiring and/or useful please leave a comment below.  THANK YOU AGAIN!


With Gratitude,




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Mr. Sandman

Are Dreams Are Here to Help Us

A new month means….New Give-Away for you! Get excited!

This whole month of March is dedicated to SLEEP. The importance of sleep, and how to not just get more but get better quality sleep; which I have no doubt it will be a large factor in improving your sleep and your entire life.

This vlog today is all about our dreams and what creates our dreams. A mystery science of dreams is uncertain and alot of people fear uncertainty. Knowing what creates dreams can help us manifest the dreams, habits, and beliefs we need to thrive in life!

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Number 1 Secret Way to get More Quality Sleep

A new month means….New Give-Away for you! Get excited!

This week; March 5th – Month 11th is National Sleep Awareness Week and with that as my inspiration & my passion for helping you improve your health; I have dedicated the whole month of March to SLEEP. The importance of sleep, and how to not just get more but get better quality sleep; which I have no doubt it will be a large factor in improving your sleep!

Top 3 Ways to Have More Quality Sleep

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Wrapping Things Up With a Cherry On Top

The Cherry On Top of a Delicious Month

1st week – All about CHOCOLATE!! Yum! www.annahilty.com/chocolate

2nd Week – Romantic Relationships. The 5 Love Languages and How to communicate more clearly to your loved one. www.annahilty.com/5love

3rd Week – Combo Week: Eating Disorder Awareness Week + Love for the Singles.  “How My Binge Eating Made Me a Better Girlfriend.”  www.annahilty.com/girlfriend

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Set The Mood for Love With Essential Oils

How Binge Eating Made Me A Better Girlfriend.

In honor of Eating Disorder Awareness Week and the end of a fun, intimate month; this week, I am going to welcome you into my own life of struggles with disordered eating and into my intimate relationship. Both; our relationship with food and our intimate relationships are directly interconnected with each other and you will know exactly how so.

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Now lets me start by explaining the differences between all the forms of eating disorders, and disordered eating. Not all eating disordered are the same; they are complex and have a psychological cause of them.  The uneducated, hear the term “eating disorder” and immediately picture a young woman with all her clothes drape like curtains on her thin frame, fatigue drawn onto her face with the edges of her facial bones.  This is NOT the face of every eating disorder/disordered eating!

It is the 13 year old girl who just started her journey into her womanhood, who discretely slips off to the bathroom after every meal in order to stick her finger down her throat so she will continue looking for her friends but mean while chronically in fear of being “found out” and her ongoing body changes.

It is the male high school wrestler, gorging himself on every food he deprived himself in order to meet weight class weight.

It is the 52-year-old, mother of 2 children who after a regular 12 hour work day and driving her kids to and from soccer practices; can’t trust herself to stop eating once the first bite touches her lips. She fears the animal-like urge that leads her to devour all & anything in arm’s length, the cycle of guilt that always follows.

Research suggests that up to 50% of the population demonstrate problematic or disordered relationships with food, body, and exercise. Rates of clinical eating disorders are much lower, estimated from 1% to 3% of the general population.  -Psychology Today

Eating disorders included Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, and etc. The type of eating disorder that has consumed me in some moments in my past and (alert: vulnerable moment) still at times, is….Binge Eating.

Through my transition out of the bodybuilding industry; my body, my emotions, and my relationships were changing. Due to the lack of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), I had deprived my body while in the industry; my body was craving, savaging around from grocery store to grocery store, and ultimately devouring within 15 minutes an entire 2lb container of almond butter. A situation I still find myself when I am not tapped into…..

When food was no longer easily assessable, the consciousness slowly crept up with the help of empty jars, opened wrappers, dirty dishes in the sick, and etc. Then the most dangerous parts starts; the thoughts which lead to our emotions following the event.

Consciousness is the strongest alley for anyone who is given the beautiful gift of eating disorders/disordered eating. This super power is how I went from a perfectionist is driven, 5 years long single, 29-year-old, girl to a self-confident, strong, 30-year-old, women in a vulnerable and open-dialogue relationship.

Like many of us, it is much easier to place a mask over our own consciousness. However, ignoring symptoms, conflict, and/or resistance will never resolve the true cause of the disordered eating, issues in relationships, and etc. Becoming conscious of our opportunities, struggles, and gifts in whatever form they appear allows us to set our standards; in our self-worth, relationships, and all areas of life. by setting, practice consistently, expect and have courage enough to speak those standards to my boyfriend; I believe we have gained mutual respect and self-confidence. Confidence; which we all know is what real men, who are lucky to have such an amazing imperfect woman,  find the most attractive in a woman. (no matter weight, body type, or looks)

Don’t believe me? Read the following article… “Guys Explain Why They Literally Don’t Care About your Cellulite”


This post in no means the encouragement of eating disorders or disordered eating. It is strictly opinion based on my own personal experience and self-study. Not sure,  if you are experiencing disordered eating or have developed a disordered relationship with food? Click here for the



FREE pdf: 5 Signs of Disordered Eating

Please leave a comment below if my struggles sound familiar to you or to someone in your direct life. I am truly passionate about building consciousness and support for those who are silently struggling.

With Gratitude!

Are You A Princess or A Queen?

Let me start today’s blog post with my gratitude to you. You are exactly the reason I am embarking on my new journey as Holistic Health Coach and an entrepreneur. My intention with this post and with all my posts is to share with you a new belief system. Everything we do and think comes from our belief system.  One of my favorite quotes is…..


If you are currently at a stage in your life where you are questioning everything or just one thing (parents, religion, doctors, or past experiences) you are in the right place towards changing your beliefs towards better serving you! Congratulations!


To get to these new set of beliefs , I wanted to share with you a “Ah-ha” (term Oprah has popularized) moment I had at the beginning of this week.

For those who do not know, I currently work two jobs on top of becoming an entrepreneur. One of those jobs; I am so grateful for, allows me to further one of my strengths….curiosity/learning which sometimes looks like me listening to several different podcasts.  Because I tend to have a short attention span, I don’t usually listen to any podcasts that are any longer than 30 minutes.  However, this day was different.

There was me scrolling through all the unplayed podcast episodes trying to decide on what topic I wanted to learn. I came across the Psychology of Eating channel and immediately was drawn to an episode named “Sugar, emotional eating, and body imagine”. Since recently suffering from binge eating disorder, the “emotional eating” might have well had jumped out of the screen at me.

A small overview of the episode and how most of them go is; Mark David (founder of the Institute of Psychology of Eating) interviews/conducts a session with a client with open-ended questions. Examples of a question is “If you had a magic wand what would you get out of this session?” or “What was your mother’s relationship with food and her body?” (By the way, these are the type of questions I ask my clients when I work one-on-one)

This woman’s experiences and thoughts were very similar to mine. The youngest of a large family, never feeling enough compared to her siblings, at a young age always being “overly” sensitive, and so much more. After about 20 to 30 minutes of open-ended questions, Mark then takes all that information and states what he’s perspective/opinion on her situation. 9 out of 10 times he is 100% accurate.

He had said something that really connected with me. We all have multiple personas within us; inner child (or inner princess) and the inner adult (or inner queen). The child/Princess is the scared, fearful, self-loathing; that inner shit talker. (“I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of cake. I was and am so bad. I’ll never lose weight.”) However, we can choose to listen to our adult/Queen within us. She is rational, nourishing, compassionate; self-loving voice. (“Ok, the reality is yes, you ate the piece of cake. You will not die because you ate it. As long as you fully enjoyed and savored it; everything will be ok.”) Princesses usually have tantrums when they don’t get their way or have more self-doubt. But a Queen holds her head high with confidence and welcomes & gives compassion.

 Which voice in your mind do you choose to listen to? Do you choose the spoiled Princess or the poised Queen?!


Hopefully, this post pasted on as much value as it gave me while writing it. It is a true order writing to you.

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