Cellulite Challenge

Hey there beautiful!

I am so excited my heart is thumping. Today I am going to talk about Cellulite and I want to share a pod cast I heard today by host, Maddy Moon. She said and I quote, “I know for a fact that being a fitness model, meditative yogi, juice cleanse queen or a ripped G.I. Jane does not bring the happiness you are told about (Trust me, I’ve been all of those)”

While listening to her podcast “How to Stop Shaming Your Food Choices”, she made reference to one of her blog posts, “How Cellulite Saved My Life”. Her bravery and vulnerability inspired me to also be vulnerable with my followers and also to start a Self-Acceptance Challenge! Are you excited?!

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Maddy posted a picture of her backside at a fitness model competition` and also a current picture of her backside and my mind went WOW! It dawned on me that having cellulite does not make her less of a person and the same goes for YOU and ME!

So, therefore, I am starting a challenge for everyone and anyone who puts the value on cellulite at the back of their legs. I am telling you, you are not alone and its presence does not take a bit out of your beauty. It doesn’t make you ugly and no one is a standard for your body. This challenge is an avenue to say thank you to the one person who has stuck through thick and thin with you, never minding what the world thinks!

 So here is the challenge….. You get to post a picture of your legs showing your cellulite. Is it scary right? I Know! Absolutely fearful? Of course!  But do not let this opportunity slip you by. This is a chance to support each other, a chance to shove love and most importantly, a chance to say thank you to our bodies and their cellulite!