Choosing The Best Detox For You

Hello there!

I am quite excited and you should too because this week, we are going to talk all about you. We would take a ride through which detoxification program or technique is right for you.

So which is best for you? Before you start any detox program, you should consult your doctor. So assuming you got a thumbs from them, which plan should you go with.



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1.) Gotta Know Your WHY

First, we have to deal with our mindset. We have to identify why we want to do this. Why do you want to detox? People have different reasons.

  • Improved digestion

  • Reduced aches and pains

  • Clearer skin

  • More energy

  • Improved sex drive

  • Better sleep

  • Clearer thinking

  • Weight loss

  • Reduce cravings

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Change/improve your dietary & lifestyle change


2.) How Long Will It Be

To pick a suitable program, you need to have a time duration in mind. You need to know how long you want to do this. I don’t encourage cutting out food through the detox duration (maximum of three days), because when you do, you might feel great initially, but when food is reincorporated, you tend to gain the weight you lost or more!

For a seven day cleanse, eat foods that are pre-digestive and easy on the stomach. They include cooked, boiled, meat (do not fry), vegetables, and fruits (ripe). For fats, nuts and seeds are pretty would be too hard on the digestion. For healthy fats, take MCT oil which is a pre-digestion food. The fourteen day cleanse should be done just as the seven day cleanse. In this type of detox, I usually encourage incorporation of milled flax seed and this is also applicable with the twenty one day cleanse.

When using the MCT oil, you have to start slow. Make it the first smoothie of the day, one tablespoon daily. I learned this the hard way! I didn’t go slowly and I began to have cystic acne by the third day. So don’t forget, go slow with the oil.

3.)Disattach from the outcome….JUST BE

When you have your why and the end result you desire in view, you then have to forget it totally, completely detaching yourself from it. I know it might sound crazy, but it’s important.

You could start by writing on a piece of paper, and then be throwing it away. If you do this, it helps release much of the pressure you might feel because this isn’t a quick fix!