Top 4 Popular Diets and Their Do’s & Don’ts

Hello Beautiful!

You might know that I absolutely love talking to people about food/nutrition, and I’m known for getting all red in the face and chest when I get very excited and passionate about several topics, this one particularly!

Nutrition – or real food – are a huge part of how I became a holistic health coach several years ago, and I always give nutrition recommendations to my clients as a great starting point if you’re looking some “quick wins”.

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I’ve tried so many diets (all very unsuccessful. The diets were I wasn’t) over the years, most of the time for me and it may be for you too, I was constantly felt like I was a hamster running the weight loss wheel and never seeing long-term results.

In this video, I’m going to give you four of the most popular diets and their dos and don’ts that can help you shift from feeling gross and negative about your body & health to feeling fabulous and deserving really quickly.


Before We Get Started. A Quick Reminder!

It’s never only about the food. Don’t get me wrong, food is extremely important to our overall health and goals. However, our internal relationship with food will make or break our ability to continue on the weight loss hamster wheel or finally have a consistent stress-free relationship with food.

Negative self-talk is one of the biggest sabotaging patterns I see in women who aren’t living their ideal life, and affirmations are one of the quickest (and cheapest) ways to turn things around.

Whenever you notice the negative thoughts come into play, you have the power to successfully interrupt the downward spiral before it causes drama in your life.

In past videos, we talk about the Top 3 Mindset Challenges when wanting to lose weight and/or change to a healthier lifestyle. Also, provided to you are 3 non-Nutritional Weight Loss Strategies, that may or may nor\t include some affirmations.

Do it enough, and you train your brain to manifest the health and body best for you!



The 4 Popular Diets That May Help You Lose Weight

#1 – Vegan

  • Completely plant-based, No animal product

#3 – Paleo

  • Animal product, plants, no grains, etc

#4 – Keto

  • High-quality of Fats, animal products, plants, etc

#5 – Atkins

  • Extremely low carbs, plants, etc.


I used to think I had to eat the “right” food or believed there was magic diet pill to lose the weight for good – which is weird I know, but I said it in my head I still continue to hear it from women all around me.

Your success and abundance will skyrocket when you get ok with being successful, just as you are. And realizing every BODY is different. Why do you think seem to lose weight faster than women or those native to tropical areas have trouble tolerating high-fat foods. Your body is different than my body, you metabolize certain foods differently than I may.

“One person’s food is another person’s poison.”

There are action step I’d like you to take action on TODAY.

  1. Choose one of the diets listed above and experiment with it for 90 days.  Use your body as a laboratory. Look at this adjustment as an experiment. It may or may not “work”. And know, if that diet you chose didn’t work you have multiple others to choose from. Big Takeaway: HAVE SELF-ACCEPTANCE of where you are right now.


Remember, you get what you focus on, so training your brain to focus on the positive really boosts your success efforts.


With Gratitude