What Is Energy & How To Get More

Have you ever said to yourself, I don’t have enough energy or time? Or maybe you wonder why you are always so tired, sluggish and can’t be as fast as that guy or lady you see every day. If you have ever felt this way or said such to yourself, this month’s topic is definitely for you.

For this month, which is the national nutrition month, I am going to talk about our body’s energy in relation to our health. You’ll be getting juicy information on topics like Thoughts and their energy, How to address energy leaks in your body, Foods that increase or decrease your energy levels and also four home-based holistic techniques which would boost your body’s energy instantly! I hope you are ready for this?

So, Energy is a big buzz word going around in different circles, but if I may ask what it is, I’ll be getting different definitions right? To the scientist, it could mean one thing, while to the energy healer or a holistic coach like me, it would mean another, but one thing is constant across every sphere:

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This means, our body has the exact amount of energy it needs!

The common mistake

We make when dealing with our body is that, we continuously look for external sources of energy to keep our bodies running while we leave our internal sources untapped. One common example of such external source is caffeine. I am not against taking caffeine but against its extreme use. Like when you go to Dunkin’ doughnuts and get the extra tall coffee with cream and sugar and then you take multiple of that a day. This is where the real issue lies! I am up for 8 ounces of black coffee a day which is beneficial to your body but not its chronic intake. You might not know this, but according to the FDA, caffeine is a drug. Yes it is! Have you ever tried abstaining from coffee for about a week? You might begin to experience its withdrawal symptoms like the headaches, getting crankier and the sweats. These are the exact same symptoms a drug user goes through during rehab. So, when you find yourself reaching for that fourth cup of coffee or that energy drink.

Ask yourself, Am I managing my energy effectively? Am I using my internal energy stores?

Over the next few weeks, our aim is to know if we are managing the energy we already have, to build an awareness towards things which drain our energy and which of these stressors might be subconscious. We will together understand Energy is, that we are made up of energy just like everything around us and that issues arise with our bodies when we keep looking to external sources of energy. We see this in how many fall sick on vacations. Why? There is an imbalance of energy in their bodies. They are always on the go, go, go and when they get to relax and slip into the haling state, their bodies begin to try to detox itself!

My recommendation

For you throughout this week to help keep your body in a fatigued state is to breathe.  This might sound crazy to you but it has helped me through a lot. We many times forget to breathe! So when you find yourself in such a state, take three deep breathes in and relax. You should try this during this week while you try to ease yourself off these external sources of energy slowly. Build this awareness into yourself and you’ll experience that change you seek!



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