Foods To Stop Overeating

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If you haven’t noticed, we kick-start a new series on Overeating and Binge eating. A lot of us struggle with Overeating and Binge eating, and we feel ashamed to admit it even to ourselves! Regarding these, there are common myths we tell ourselves almost every day and this has spurred me to write this.

Before we start on the types of food that will stop overeating, I gotta remind you of a few things…

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  • This is an experiment; not forever. Every nutrient, the needs for each individual person will vary throughout life
  • Not wedded to any particular nutritional system. You just want to do what works for any given person. Every nutrient or substance, exact needs vary from person to person
  •  Don’t get caught up in trying to figure out the exact amount of any nutrient or macronutrient that any human being needs. Please don’t waste your time and energy. There is no scientifically correct answer anyways.

Okay, lets get started!

  1. Protein
  • Low in Protein symptoms:
    • Mood:Irritability, fatigue, depression
    • Brain: forgetfulness, poor memory, poor cognition, poor attention span, moodiness,
    • Appetite: hunger, overeating, binge eating, inability to lose weight,
    • External body: hair loss, brittle hair, brittle nails, poor muscle tone, pain, poor circulation, feeling cold, slow wound healing, headaches
    • Digestion: poor digestion, bloating,
    • Other: sleep issues, feeling faint, low sexual response
  • QUALITY over quantity – Organic
    • Plant or Animal
  • Levels out blood sugar levels throughout the day


  1. EFAs – Healthy Fats
  • Low Fat symptoms:
    • Mood:  fatigue, irritability Poor digestion, moodiness
    • Brain: poor cognitive function
    • Appetite:constant hunger, cravings for fried foods or fatty foods or junk food, binge eating
    • External body: inability to lose weight,dry skin, dry brittle hair, blotchy, dry or oily skin, redness around the eyes, constipation,stiff or painful joints, dandruff, brittle fingernails, dry eyes, thirst, loss of menses or irregular cycle, low sexual response
  • QUALITY over quantity
    • Trans fats and inflammatory vegetable oils are bad fats that cause free radical damage and create a perfect storm for inflammation.
      • Most restaurants cook with toxic oils because they’re cheap and marketed as heart-healthy, low-cholesterol fats.
  • Long source of energy & levels blood sugar
    • Endurance athletes are now using fats as their main source of energy


  1. High Fiber – not high carb
  • Low Fiber symptoms:
    • Mood: moodiness, irritability
    • Appetite: Intense hunger, constant hunger, cravings for various foods – most for carbs or high sugar foods
    • Digestion: Constipation
  • QUALITY over quantity – Organic
    • Green leafy vegetables
    • Root vegetables
  • Fills up stomach (Makes you feel full) & smoothly guides the digestion

This is a brief wrap on the types of foods that will stop overeating. But never forget, everyone goes through different phases and challenges daily but every day you have is an opportunity to keep up your journey to health!

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