Mindset Changes To Shift Your Metabolism

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If you have n’t heard the term “mindset challenges” before.

The concept of mindset challenges is strange because on the surface, why wouldn’t we want to have a successful mindset to accomplish our goals? It’s weird when you think about it.

How Simply Breathing Can Change Your Metabolism

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How do you know if you have any mindset challenges? And what do you actually do about them? (Hint: there’s an free opportunity at the end of this.)

So if you’ve been feeling blocked or conflicted about weight and you don’t know why, today’s post will provide a great refresher for you.

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics.

“The Mind Is Everything. What You Think, You Become.” – Buddha

It’s way easier to think that you can’t lose weight because of something outside of yourself. You know, things like the people around me tempt me, work drains my motivation, Mercury Retrograde, or any other random excuse.

Now, don’t get me wrong: there are external factors that can TOTALLY affect your losing weight potential. But believing that you can’t do anything about those factors and start losing weight is purely an inside job.

Just make sure that your “excuses” aren’t mindset challenges (spoiler alert: they totally are!)



What Are the Top 3 Mindset Challenges?

Most people have a pretty similar mindset challenges. Honestly, you might think your situation is unique, but it’s probably not.

Here are some of the most common ones – see how many of them ring a bell for you:

  • “I have a WILLPOWER problem”
  • The ALL OR NOTHING thing: “I even eat perfectly every day or I eat whatever I want.”
  • “I’M BROKEN” internal dialogue

Once you know your particular MINDSET CHALLENGE, you can keep an eye out for how it sabotages you.

How Do We Overcome These Mindset Challenges?

  • Fully allow yourself to ENJOY any temptation (a.k.a. Breathe and eat slowly)
  • 1) Be AWARE if you lean towards perfectionism 2) Giving yourself MORE THAN 2 OPTIONS – When you choose 1 side, what else are you choosing?  3) Set an empowering MANTRA“Something is better than nothing”
  • Set an empowering MANTRA“I’m okay just as I am. I am not perfect but I am okay just as I am.”  



With Gratitude,