3 Myths About Why Do We Overeat

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This new month, we kick-start a new series on Overeating and Binge eating. A lot of us struggle with Overeating and Binge eating, and we feel ashamed to admit it even to ourselves! Regarding these, there are common myths we tell ourselves almost every day and this has spurred me to write this. So here we go!

First, I have a Willpower problem. Do you ever say to yourself sometimes, I cannot just control myself around food? My Willpower is just shot? Well that is a myth.

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Second, there is something wrong with me or this is personal. If you think you are the only one overeating especially at night, that is not true and also a myth. Overeating isn’t a personal problem.

Third, the need to under eat to counteract Overeating.  We tend to think skipping breakfast would help curb overeating. This too is another myth.



Now, we would take a look at these thoroughly.

First, the Willpower Problem.  The truth here is that we do not actually eat when we think we do! What do I mean by that? If you have followed my videos in the past, you’ll understand that the first stage of digestion is the eyes and not the mouth and this is called the CPDR (Cephalic Phase Digestive Response) which is just a technical term. This simply means that when we see a food that we want, we instantly send signals to the body to increase saliva production in the mouth and oxygen flow to the stomach and then messages to the rest of the body in preparation for the food seen, but when we deny our body of what we want, we deny it of its pleasure.

We can say two important vitamins, Vit P (pleasure) and Vit O (oxygen) are lost when we eat in this jet age! We tend to move so fast our brain doesn’t have enough time to notice when we eat! When we miss taste, pleasure, satisfaction, etc. – the brain interprets this missed experience as hunger. So in other words, if you rushed through a meal and failed to notice it, the brain isn’t smart enough to say, “Hey, you were in a rush and not paying attention to your food.”  The brain simply says “Hungry.” So we are literally physiologically driven to eat more even if we’ve eaten a huge meal. The brain has commanded us to eat because it didn’t get what it needed – the eating experience.

Second, Overeating is a personal problem. In this, we think it is just us and no one else could be going through the same challenge. When we feel this way, we start an endless cycle of shame, guilt and feeling fine or gross!

Shame differs from guilt and according to Brene Brown, shame is a focus on self while guilt is a focus on behavior. Shame is, “I am bad.” Guilt is, “I did something bad.” Understanding this difference helps us build a good relationship with our food. When you take three deep breathes before and after a meal, you would not overeat because you’ll be calm and eat less!

Third, we have to under eat to counteract Overeating.  A lot of women like myself are or have been guilty of this. We find ourselves stuck in a cycle of binge eating and starving trying to offset the effects of a previous meal by under eating and in addition wearing a cloak of shame but this isn’t right. Under eating leaving our bodies starving and which leads to overeating again! This goes a long way to affect our bodies irrationally and should be avoided to achieve that healthy body we all want.

This is a brief wrap on these three myths. But never forget, everyone goes through different phases and challenges daily but every day you have is an opportunity to keep up your journey to health!

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